Optical illusion shows cat – and if you spot it within 5 seconds you have top IQ

A new optical illusion is challenging players to find a cat within five seconds.

The furry animal has managed to baffle social media users who are trying to find the direction it's travelling in.

It shows the feline pacing on a grey flight of stairs.

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Although you can see the creature's face looking straight at you, it's still difficult to gauge where it's going.

But if you do manage to crack the brainteaser in just five seconds, it could mean you're seriously intelligent.

Studies show that the more you exercise your brain with difficult puzzles, the smarter you'll be.

Some might see the cat crawling either up or down the staircase – so don't worry if you're struggling.

The puzzle sparked a massive debate on Reddit with many trying to back up their answers.

However, if you take a closer look at the mind-boggling illusion, you might notice a tell-tale sign revealing the direction.

Many pointed out there was a noticeable stair lip in the image, which could mean the cat is descending down the steps.

But some Reddit users spotted the mosaic staircase which could be adorned with a wooden protective lip.

This could mean the fur ball is climbing up the staircase.

Other viewers suggested the reflection of the light revealed the answer.

One wrote: "Down, the jutting part of the stairs would be illogically placed on top."

Another user commented: "Look at the cat's tail – it's facing upwards, or the opposite of the direction it's moving in.

"If the cat were to go up the stairs, its tail would point downwards."

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