Over 20,000 Amazon shoppers swear by this £18.20 anti-frizz treatment

Bad weather playing havoc with your hair? Over 20,000 shoppers swear by this £18.20 treatment that’s been called a ‘raincoat’ for your locks, leaving hair soft and glossy

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The UK’s weather is a fickle beast. One moment there’s glorious sunshine and the next there’s a torrential downpour. 

While we can protect our clothes with waterproof outerwear, Amazon shoppers have discovered a hair treatment that’s been called a ‘raincoat’ for your hair. Enter the Color Wow Dream Coat Anti-Frizz Treatment. 

Acting as an invisible cloak for your hair, the treatment wraps each strand in a water-resistant barrier that causes water to bead up and roll off. The result? Silky, glossy, glassy, frizz-free hair no matter the weather – and it lasts three days straight.

The bestselling Color Wow Dream Coat Supernatural Spray will help keep your hair smooth and frizz-free – and it’s on sale for £18.20 at Amazon

While a hair spray that has magical humidity and weather-proofing powers may sound too good to be true, according to over 20,000 five-star reviews, the Color Wow Dream Coat Supernatural Spray lives up to its name. 

The Amazon review section is filled with thousands of glowing testimonies and impressive before and after photos from users who have bought and loved the hair treatment. 

And it’s not just Amazon shoppers that love it – even Kim Kardashian’s hair stylist chose to use the £18.20 spray on the A-lister for her recent Met Gala look. 

The Dream Coat spray is a must for smooth, glossy hair. An all-season powerhouse, it wraps hair in an invisible anti-humidity, anti-static jacket. 

It’s so simple to use that you won’t need a hair stylist to achieve glass-like hair. Just apply liberally onto damp hair, followed by blitz with a hairdryer to activate. The spray then protects hair for up to 72 hours or for two to three shampoos.

Acting as a humidity blocker, the treatment utilises a heat-activated polymer that compresses, tightens, and seals the hair fibre to repel moisture and leave tresses ultra-glossy and smooth.

The treatment acts as a humidity blocker, utilising a heat-activated polymer that compresses, tightens and seals the hair fibre to repel moisture and leave tresses ultra-glossy and smooth

The must-have hair product has become so popular that it’s an Amazon bestseller with over 28,000 ratings, garnering thousands of perfect five-star reviews. Users have called it ‘weatherproof’ and ‘magic in a bottle’, raving how it ‘worked like a miracle’. 

One impressed shopper left a glowing review for the Color Wow Dream Coat, writing: ‘Does everything it claims to. Magic in a bottle. This works. It really does. My hair is frizzy and dry and it transforms it into a shiny mane. I recently had a salon ‘do’ and the result wasn’t anywhere near as good without it.’

Another agreed, adding: ‘Magic hair potion. My hair was frizzy at the first sign of a breeze or moisture in the air. Since using dream coat it no longer happens. Amazing.’

A third penned: ‘I’ve used this twice and can’t believe the difference. I have thick, coarse, very curly hair. I still get a bit of frizz but after 5 days, and being caught in the rain there was no curl at all. Makes my hair feel so silky, like I’ve came from the hairdresser. Expensive, but worth it.’

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