People are baffled by mans questionable pint of tea he made in glass jug

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    As Brits, we are a nation of tea drinkers.

    And since it's important to us as a culture, if you get it wrong, it's basically an insult.

    Now one fella decided to shake things up on social media after he shared his latest creation.

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    He decided to make a whole pint of tea by brewing it in a measuring jug (we're not lying).

    The man posted a picture of a Pyrex jug full to the brim with tea and asked people what they thought about it.

    On the CasualUK forum on Reddit, he wrote: "How do we feel about a pint of tea?"

    His post divided the internet a little bit as some said the amount of tea is "too much".

    Others thought it was a bit strange he was using a glass container as people thought it was odd to "see the sides" of it.

    One wrote: "Coffee in a glass I can accept. TEA? Absolutely not."

    Another added: "There is something very wrong about this, use a teapot you heathen!"

    In the comments section, others expressed how they felt "perplexed" and "mildly unsettled" by the pint of tea.

    But not everyone was slating the man's questionable take on tea as some didn't see a problem.

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    A social media user said: "Acceptable."

    While another added: "No amount of tea is too much, as long as you get the ratio of milk and sugar to tea correct."

    According to a tea expert, you've been making brews all wrong.

    Apparently, to really get as much flavour out of the tea as possible then you should cover it as it steeps.

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