Alan Titchmarsh grapples with camel as he struggles to host ITV show

Love Your Weekend: Alan Titchmarsh opens show with famous camel

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Love Your Weekend with Alan Titchmarsh returned to ITV on Sunday morning with a host of guests who included a pair of camels. Alan greeted viewers while standing in a field next to a rather friendly camel named Bertie who has starred in a range of Hollywood films. However, things took a hilarious turn when the camel started hogging the limelight, blocking Alan from the shot.

Alan was holding 12-year-old Bertie’s bridal as he started sharing what was in store on the episode.

He explained BBC weather presenter Owain Wyn Evens and television personality Diarmuid Gavin were chatting to him later on in the show.

Alan also told viewers why two camels and their trainers were appearing on the show.

The former Ground Force host said: “This is Bertie, a 12-year-old white Russian camel.

“He’s also had a pretty impressive film career and starred in movies with Will Smith and Tom Hiddleston.”

As Bertie started rubbing his head on Alan, he told the animal: “Oh bless you, I know you prefer me to all the big hitters.”

Alan started laughing as the camel hogged the screen and forced him out of the way.

“It’s time for Love Your Weekend,” Alan could be heard yelling as Bertie blocked him out of the way.

“Come on then Bertie, off we go, this way,” he concluded as the show got underway.

Later on, Alan was reunited with Bertie and another camel called Kokoso by their owners Daisy and Joe Fossett.

“They know what is going on and they know they are special,” she explained.

Bertie, who had two humps, was born in the UK and his owners described him as a “lovely big white fluffy teddy bear”.

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Alan was keen to know the average life expectancy of a camel, with Daisy explaining: “The oldest one on record is 51, but we say about 40 plus.

“It’s a bit like owning a tortoise really. Bertie’s 12 so he’s got a while to go and Kokoso is 20, so he’s about halfway through.”

“They look wonderfully grand,” Alan responded as he asked the pair about selling their camels’ milk.

“We are the UK’s first camel dairy, so we produce camel milk and actually some chocolate which we brought in for you today Alan,” Daisy, whose dairy is based in Warwickshire, revealed.

Viewers took to Twitter to comment and share pictures of Alan being disrupted by Bertie.

Paul tweeted a photo of Alan being pushed out of the way by the mammal and penned: “Love a Sunday morning when I’m not working #sundayvibes.”

Stephen Miller said: “There is actually a bloke with camels on the other side on ITV with Alan Titchmarsh which is a thousand times more interesting than this Kuenssberg ****.” (sic)

Love Your Weekend with Alan Titchmarsh continues next Sunday at 9.30am.

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