Polly Hudson: Bad advice is a dangerous thing – and here’s some of the worst

Gemma Atkinson – a name usually followed by the noise “Eh? Eh? Ahh!” because she was in Hollyoaks, Emmerdale, and then Strictly – has let rip.

Infuriated by the amount of unsolicited advice she’s received since having her baby daughter Mia in July, she posted an image on Instagram that read, “On your marks, get set, go f*** yourself".

She added, “To those people who seem to be the unqualified experts when it comes to being a mum, the above is for you.

“Print it and hang it on the wall next to your perfect parent award.”

Gemma’s right – it happens a lot when you’ve just had a baby. A stranger once told me I needed to do something, as my son looked bored. He was three weeks old.

The trouble is that, unfortunately, the phenomenon isn’t restricted to that time.

People are always weighing in with their opinions, whether you’ve asked for them or not.

Here’s the worst advice I’ve ever been given… all of which, probably needless to say, I took.

On money…

A friend of mine gave me this excellent financial advice. “If you really want to buy something expensive, just think of the amount it costs, and halve it.”

“Why?” I asked, intrigued.

“Because then it’s less.”

Well you can’t fault the logic. Should probably be noted this is the same friend who encouraged me to get my first overdraft, or as she called it “some free money”.

On appearance…

When I was in my early teens, I had long, thick, hair in perfect condition.

So lustrous were my locks I wore them in a ponytail every day, to keep them out of the way.

“You always have a ponytail,” my best friend* said one day, “You might as well get it cut off, into a crop. It would just look exactly the same.”

The hairdresser asked me if I was sure, repeatedly, but I was, of course, because I trusted my best friend*.

My mum actually screamed when she saw me afterwards. To clarify: not in delight.

To further clarify: a crop does not just look exactly the same as a ponytail.


On health and wellbeing…

“To cure a cold, sleep with half an onion next to your bed.”

Still not sure whether this was genuine advice or a practical joke. Either way, it stinks.

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