Princess Eugenie in new video: Body language expert says loyalty runs deep in veins

Princess Eugenie introduces Anti-Slavery Collective interview

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The collective aims to raise awareness of modern slavery and work towards eradicating human trafficking. The princess released a Q&A video on the collective’s official Twitter page, where Eugenie and Julia answered questions about their initiatives. One person asked the princess: “What’s your favourite thing about founding a charity with your best friend?”

Princess Eugenie provided the following answer: “So the best thing about founding a charity with your best friend is that we can be a real balance to each other.

“So sometimes if one is up, the other one might be down, and we can really help each other through difficult situations.

“I think it’s also always about surrounding yourself with people that validate what you believe in, and Jules and I really believe in what we’re doing to end modern slavery.

“We’re fighting for something that is quite distressing and awful, but we do it together and we spur each other on, and we make each other laugh and we continue in the moments that are really bad.

“So I think it’s pretty incredible to have a partner in crime to do this with.”

Body language expert, Judi James, spoke to about why these few short sentences released via video by the Princess, go some way towards revealing her feelings about loyalty.

Judi said: “Loyalty seems to run deep in the veins of Beatrice, Eugenie and their parents.

“Their bonds are tight, and support always seems to be a given.

“Here, Beatrice is asked about her friendship with her co-founder but her thoughts sound heartfelt and general as she speaks of the mutual support created.

“‘If one is up the other might be down’ is her description, which she accompanies with some illustrative hand gestures for emphasis.

“When we use illustrative hand signals the implication is that we are describing something we have experienced in our own lives.

“She meshes her fingers together to show unity and bonding when she talks about: ‘Helping each other through difficult situations.’

“And when she speaks about: ‘surrounding yourself with people who validate what you believe in,’ her words are made to sound authentic by the open, creative hand rituals.”

Last week the Royal Family were shocked to discover Prince Harry is writing a memoir about his upbringing and his subsequent decision to leave the institution with his wife, Meghan.

Princess Eugenie and Prince Harry were incredibly close growing up, with the two reportedly going clubbing together in their early twenties and gaining reputations as the more ‘rebellious’ royals.

However, Judi James is suggesting the princess’s body language in this video could imply she is let down by her cousin’s behaviour, seeing as she is so overly complimentary towards her friendship with Julia.

Judi continued: “Eugenie might be talking about her friendship with the woman she co-runs her charity with here, but her eloquence when talking about something too many of us take for granted, could also throw out some clues about another strong life-long friendship that appears might have been put under pressure recently, i.e. with Prince Harry.”

Princess Eugenie posted a congratulations message when Prince Harry and Meghan welcomed their baby girl Lilibet Mountbatten-Windsor back in June.

It was also reported Princess Eugenie and her sister Beatrice were two of the more sympathetic royals towards their cousin’s decision to step back as senior royals.

However, news of the memoir seems to have blind-sighted most if not all of the family, and it is unclear whether once very strong relationships can be recovered.

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