‘Real-life vampire’ with 49 body modifications warns others about copying her

The woman who holds the world record for most body modifications has shown off her heavily altered bod as she posed in a tiny white bikini.

Maria José Cristerna, from Mexico, has a total of 49 body modifications, including fanged teeth, a split tongue, titanium horns and eye pigmentations.

The tattoo artist is known as the "vampire woman" thanks to her extreme look, but while she has fans, she has also previously issued warnings to those thinking about following in her footsteps.

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“The advice I would give is that you have to think about it a lot as it is irreversible,” she suggested.

She explained: “I love the way I look, but you have to understand that there are young people who are very open to tattoos and piercings and everything.

“It’s become fashionable, so we might get to a point where it’s not what we want anymore, and we might not like it anymore.

“So you have to think about it very hard in order to love it and be able to defend it your whole life.”

While her transdermal implants and dozens of piercings have previously seen people crossing the street to get away from her, the 47-year-old was recently dubbed "beautiful" by fans of her alternative appearance.

In a picture shared on her Instagram, Maria left little to the imagination as she donned a miniature string bikini.

She held her phone camera up to the mirror as she confidently placed one hand on her hip.

Maria showed off her heavily inked body in the racy snap, revealing she's not far off her target to cover 100% of her body in tattoos.

"White isn't so bad," she captioned the post.

Her fans were quick to praise her in the comments.

"Very beautiful," one person wrote.

Another added: "How can I not go to the beach with you…fans#1".

A third commented: "Wonderful! I love you".

Maria, who comes from a very religious family, first started altering her body when she was just 14 by getting her first tattoo.

At 30 she then went on to get her first implant body modification, deciding to have an implant put in her forehead as a statement of "liberation".

She told Guinness World Records her modifications act as a sign of courage, strength, and freedom after surviving domestic abuse.

"The only way to escape from violence and abuse is by loving yourself. We came to this world to be happy," she said.

But not everyone reacted well to her unique look, with Maria revealing people near her home would initially cross the street when they saw her and make cross gestures as if she was the devil.

Some even accused her of being possessed or on drugs.

Now she's got devoted fans who praise her appearance, with some calling her a "beautiful goddess" and "work of art".

But despite the compliments, Maria has also warned people to think carefully before following in her footsteps.

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