Scarlett Johansson Says She Needs a Vacation After ‘Intense' Thanksgiving

Tuckered out from Turkey Day! Scarlett Johansson was exhausted by the Thanksgiving holiday, but her tiredness had nothing to do with tryptophan.

The 35-year-old Avengers: Endgame star was a guest on Live With Kelly and Ryan on Monday, December 2, and she revealed the details of her festivities. “Honestly, I need, like, a full vacation from that Thanksgiving meal. I was struggling hardcore,” she told hosts Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest.

Though Johansson said she usually has help in the kitchen courtesy of her sister, the actress’ “very pregnant” sibling got a pass this year, leaving the Robot Chicken alum to fend for herself. “I did it alone this year and I cooked for about twelve or thirteen people,” she recalled. “It was a lot of people. It was very intense.”

The New York native said that she “cooked for 48 hours” and was almost pushed to the brink by a crucial part of the meal. “I had a full blown, like, panic attack over a gravy,” she explained, noting that she began with a huge “witches broth” helping of the turkey topper only to be left with nearly nothing once it had cooked down.

While Johansson was frustrated that her family finished dinner in about 25 minutes and said almost nothing during the meal, Ripa, 49, pointed out that silence doesn’t mean people weren’t satisfied with the food. Quite the contrary, in fact. “That’s actually a good sign though,” the talkshow host argued. “That means that the food was good.”

As it turns out, though Johansson clearly did most of the heavy lifting for her Thanksgiving feast, she wasn’t the only one who prepared dishes for the holiday meal. “Colin was making an apple pie for what seemed like four days,” she said, referring to her fiancé, Colin Jost.

According to Johansson, the Saturday Night Live star was very focused on the dessert due to his “meticulous” nature. Though the final product was “beautiful,” the Marriage Story actress admitted it was “a little zesty for my taste.”

When Seacrest, 44, asked if 37-year-old Jost was aware of his partner’s critique, Johansson quipped: “He knows it now!”

“Sorry honey, it was zesty,” she concluded with a smile.

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