10 Guys Who Were Lucky Enough to Date Kaley Cuoco

Kaley Cuoco is no stranger to the dating game and has had her fair share of love interests and breakups. She does not just put up with any guy and she certainly does not stay in a relationship for long when it isn’t working. Any guy would be lucky to be with her.

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Whether the relationship lasted 10 days or 2 years, there has been a lot going on in Kaley’s dating life. Thus, we are here to remind you of 10 of our favorite guys who were lucky enough to date Kaley Cuoco.

10 Thad Luckinbill

The first guy on our list is Thad Luckinbill. Thad is definitely a guy who was lucky to be in Kaley Cuoco’s life. First seen together in 8 Simple Rules, the couple started dating back in 2002.

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You may have fallen in love with Thad Luckinbill on the TV soap opera The Young and the Restless. This relationship between Kaley Cuoco and Thad Luckinbill did not last until 2004, and both of them ended up marrying other people and have had pretty decent career paths, too. All that said, they were together so he makes the cut.

9 Kevin Zegers

To go along with the theme of dating her co-stars, yes, Kevin Zegers and Kaley Cuoco have dated before. They both starred in the very scary movie The Hollow and shared a love connection right after her break up with Thad Luckinbill in 2004. This pair was really cute together and were a great match on the screen. It is just a shame that the great match did not transfer over into their romantic relationship and that they could not continue to be a couple. Kevin Zegers had his chance with Kaley!

8 Jaron Lowenstein

Jaron Lowenstein and Kaley Cuoco started dating in 2005. This relationship lasted for an amazing year and neither of them seems to be affected by this short love fling. The green-eyed, pop-rock singing, lover boy was lucky enough to date Kaley but is actually making big moves by speaking out about North Carolina state laws that govern marriages. His interest and support of gay marriages could be due to his brother being a part of the LBGTQ community. We are totally here for his human rights activism and to remember that one of those people was lucky enough to date Kaley Cuoco.

7 Johnny Galecki

We really love American actor Johnny Galecki, but that is not the reason why he ended up on this list. Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco dated back in 2007 while they co-starred on the hit TV sitcom The Big Bang Theory. We know her penchant for dating the actors that she stars with, so it is no surprise that they ended up being in a romantic relationship. Although Johnny Galecki went on to star in several movies like Hancock and is known originally from his role on the TV sitcom Roseanne, he is known on this list as one of the guys who were lucky enough to date Kaley Cuoco.

6 Christopher French

You may not believe that Christopher French and Kaley Cuoco have dated because it is hard now to find Christopher without his current wife. This rock star dated Kaley Cuoco in 2011 and has not looked back since they ended their relationship.

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During their romantic relationship, they were seen on the red carpet many times and even created sweet music together! Their music was used to support The Humane Society’s efforts, which was not enough to support their love life. Now that Christopher French, otherwise known as French, is madly in love with Ashley Tisdale it is safe for us to say that he was one of the guys who were lucky to date Kaley Cuoco.

5 Ryan Sweeting

We had to add Ryan Sweeting to the list because he actually dated and married Kaley Cuoco. They made their marriage official in 2013 and ended up getting a divorce about a year later in 2015. At the time we were super excited about this because Kaley had finally wed, and to someone as impressive as this super cute tennis player. However, it may have been a good idea for them to separate because of why Kaley believes their marriage ended. It is disappointing that they could not get their love life back on track, but, he was still one of the guys who were lucky to date Kaley Cuoco.

4 Bret Bollinger

Making pretty awesome music to this day and with him having a jam-packed tour schedule, Bret Bollinger definitely deserves to be on this list of guys who were lucky to date Kaley Cuoco. Maybe selling a million records gives him more of a loving feeling than being in a relationship ever could. Kaley Cuoco and Bret Bollinger dated in 2012, just a year before she married her first husband Ryan Sweeting. It is also up in the air when the couple actually started dating as her relationship with Bollinger conflicts with the timeline of her very short engagement to Josh Resnik. We still recognize Bret as one of the lucky guys who were able to date Kaley, even if it was brief.

3 Henry Cavill

Getting towards the end of the list, here is the guy we all have been waiting for! Henry Cavill, aka the Man of Steel, has actually dated Kaley Cuoco. We should be saying that Kaley was lucky to date Superman for an impressive 12 days! This all took place in 2012-2013 in a time that seemed to be a speed dating session for Kaley Cuoco. Although this short relationship did not last long, we thought that they were “Super” cute and is why Henry “heartthrob” Cavill had to make the list of guys who were lucky enough to date Kaley Cuoco.

2 Paul Blackthorne

Just a mere two years after her first divorce, Kaley Cuoco began dating Paul Blackthorne. This relationship got a lot of attention because it was one of the multiple flings she had after her divorce that actually transpired. Removing her tattoo from her first marriage, she seemed to be genuinely happy with Paul Blackthorne and is why he made it to the list. Of course, the relationship did not last or the list would be over, but that does not mean that this year-long love interest meant nothing. It could have prepared her for our final guy!

1 Karl Cook

The last man standing is the one and only Karl Cook. Karl and Kaley are a beautiful couple and Kaley tied the knot for the second time with Mr. Cook in 2018. Kaley has really made a great choice with this one due to Karl being extremely popular in the horse racing world. They actually make their love life seem well put together and super fun on social media, and it is no wonder Kaley wants to put her new marriage and husband on display. This is new, since she is known for keeping her relationships very secretive. We are excited that Karl Cook is one of the guys who were lucky enough to date Kaley and actually marry her! We have high hopes for them!

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