Seven easy tips to get rid of clothes moths

Giant moths heading to the UK

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Clothes moths have been booming in recent years. Across the country, a war is being waged against clothes moths with the potential to eat textiles, animal wool, silk, cashmere and antique rugs. has compiled a list of seven easy tips to get rid of clothes moths.

Clothes moths are a common pest which can unleash terror in your wardrobe.

These pesky creatures have expensive tastes and tend to like cashmere and silk, rather than cheaper fabrics.

You can also find clothes moths on the wool carpet and they can leave expensive bald patches behind.

Moth season begins in May and continues through to October, so it is important to ensure you protect your clothes during this time.

Seven easy tips to get rid of clothes moths

Deep clean your wardrobe

Moths like the deepest corners of your wardrobe, particularly the dark and warm areas.

You should make sure to remove everything from your wardrobe and clean all parts of your wardrobe on a regular basis to keep it clean.

Wash all of your clothes to kill the moths and make sure to freeze anything you can to kill larvae.

Make sure to keep these items in the freezer for around 48 hours.

Keep your clothes clean

Moths love to feast on human sweat and food particles.

You should avoid putting dirty clothes into a newly cleaned wardrobe, particularly knitwear.

Store expensive clothes in garment bags

Placing your expensive clothes into a specialist garment bag can help to protect these items from moths.

You can also line the bags and drawers with anti-moth paper strips.

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Take action against them

You can banish moths by interfering with their life cycle by getting rid of any unhatched eggs.

To disrupt this process, undertake the cleaning process above and make sure to vacuum all carpets throughout your home.

You can also treat any areas where you have seen adult moths by using a moth killer spray.

Spray insecticide onto oversized items

You can use products like insecticides or cedarwood rings in your wardrobe or drawers to deter moths.

Adding a few drops of lavender essential oil to water and spritzing areas with this solution can help to get rid of moths.

You can use this natural repellent on your clothes to keep moths at bay.

Other tips

Store out of season clothes in airtight containers where moths cannot reach them

Hang clothes on rods instead of stacking in-season clothes

Line storage containers, closet shelves and dresser drawers with moth-repellent dried herbs such as rosemary, lavender or thyme.

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