Sex worker spends £400k on ‘Brunette Barbie’ transformation – and says cost was worth it

Sybil Stallone invested £400,000 into her appearance – and she says her transformation was worth every penny.

The adult actress, from Sheri’s Ranch, underwent a series of cosmetic procedures, from a Brazilian butt lift to a boob job.

These plastic surgeries has led to her becoming known as the “Brunette Barbie”.

Sybil, a successful porn star and sex worker, says plastic surgery has changed her life.

She has transformed her figure by boosting her breasts from a D-cup to a G-cup.

A Brazilian butt lift has also helped her to achieve her hourglass figure.

While a nose job and fillers in her cheek, chin and lips have given her a confidence boost.

The cosmetic work has been good for the erotic actress’ career – as they’re the reason she’s been dubbed “Brunette Barbie”.

Sybil said: “Cosmetic surgery has not only improved my self-worth, it has tremendously improved my literal worth with regard to my profession as a sex worker.

“Since I started on my journey towards personal enhancement, my revenue has increased by 200%.

“By the time I retire, I expect to get a return on my cosmetic surgery investment that’s at least ten times over.”

The plastic surgery has also improved the sex worker’s self-esteem – which is something her clients have noticed.

Sybil said: “Cosmetic surgery is a lot like sex work, a lot of women do it, but they rarely admit to it because of the stigma attached to it.

“I’m successful in my field because I love myself and I’m proud of the choices I’ve made.

“I believe that cosmetic surgery is an extension of make-up and fashion, another art form to be embraced in the pursuit of self-betterment.

“I love the body I built for myself and I love being a sex worker.

“Self-esteem is the cornerstone of success in any field, and sex work is no different.

“If you don’t honestly and unconditionally appreciate yourself, you will never be able to care for the intimate needs of others.”

Sybil added: “I took control over my life and my appearance through cosmetic surgery and I feel sexier than ever.

“When you feel good about yourself that transfers into your work.

“The fans of my adult films and my clients at the legal brothel love me – and they show it by visiting me and appreciating my intimate services again and again.”

The porn star hopes speaking out will help to break the taboo about plastic surgery.

She said: “We’re obsessed with revealing that public figures can be less-than-perfect and we’re hell bent on calling them out when they may have done something to improve their appearance.

“Sometimes it seems like there’s no way to win in the court of public scrutiny.

“The days of whispering ‘I think she’s had work done’ at the water cooler will hopefully soon be over, as more and more women are proudly embracing their choice to enjoy the benefits of cosmetic surgery.”

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