Shopper spots 2012 Olympic Torch in local pawnbrokers for £2,000

Shocked shopper spots £215 London 2012 Olympic Torch on sale in local pawnbrokers for £2,000 – as online users admit they’re ‘saddened’ the bearer has fallen on hard times

  • Metal torch was spotted in the window of a Cash Converters store in Chatham
  • Tucked away in the bottom corner of the display it was on offer for £2,199.95 
  • For the 2012 London Olympic relay 8,000 torches were made for participants
  • In the past seven years multiple sellers have put their torches up for sale 

An eagle-eyed shopper was surprised to stumble upon a 2012 Olympic Torch in their local pawnbrokers.

The torch – one of 8,000 handed out to lucky participants who took part in the summer torch relay ahead of the opening ceremony – was on sale in a Cash Converters store for £2,199.95.

It was spotted in the window display of the shop in Chatham, tucked away on the bottom shelf alongside a certificate of authentication. 

Many people lamented how ‘sad’ it was that the unknown former torchbearer felt the need to put it up for sale. 

The original torches could be bought by bearers for £215, intended as nostalgic keepsake for the runners. 

The 2012 London Olympic torch was spotted in the window of a pawnbrokers alongside several other items for sale

Posted on Reddit thread the original poster wrote: ‘Just a torch on sale in a local cash converters.’ 

‘That’s incredibly sad,’ wrote one, as another responded, ‘Especially cos you know whoever cashed it in only got 25 quid.’

‘That’s really sad to see actually, someone had the great honour of that torch but fell on the unfortunate circumstances that they had to sell,’ added another.

‘They go on eBay for £2,500. This poor person probably got ripped off and got given something like £1,000 – £1,500,’ said one.

‘I would think about buying this for £2,200 and holding on to it until the 10th or 25th anniversary of the games. Might be a decent investment.’

One of the torches that featured in the Olympic relay held by Harry Potter actor Rupert Grint, standing alongside the now Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Some said it was ‘sad’ to see the torch languishing on the bottom shelf of a local Cash Converters in Chatham on sale

It’s been seven years since the London Olympics and multiple participants over the years have attempted to bag a few coins for their one-of-a-kind memorabilia.  

Back in 2012 after the runners had taken part many of their torches went up for sale almost immediately.

One woman received an offer of £153,000 for her torch at the time of the relay, while many tend to go for around £2,000 online.

The relay went on for 70 days all around the UK starting in Lands End and ending at the Olympic stadium on July 27. 

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