Snickers launches a new 'Crisp' chocolate bar stuffed with rice crispies – and you can get it in Nisa

THERE'S a new flavour of Snickers on the shelves – the Crisp – and it's available at Nisa stores nationwide.

Containing puffed rice, caramel and peanuts, there's more of a wafer-like texture to this edition of the chocolate bar than its original.

Sweet tooth company Mars Wrigley Confectionery has upped the chocolate bar game with its latest creation.

Available to buy from Nisa convenience stores from this month onward – you can find your local by using the store locator tool here.

First things first, the new chocolate bar is smaller than its original counterpart.

The Crisp Snickers weighs just 20g and contains 97 calories – that's less than an original Kit Kat which people normally consider the lighter, more sensible chocolate treat.

In comparison, the original Snickers is 48g in weight and will tkae up 245 calories of your daily intake.

A reminder that the daily allowance for men is 2500 calories and for women is 2000.

New flavours are not unheard of in the Snickers family – last year, limited edition white chocolate versions of the bar were spotted on shelves at B&M.

A single chocolate bar will cost you 69p, with a three-pack costing almost nothing more at 78p.

A four-pack of the new Snickers bar will set you back just £1.31 so it's all pretty affordable.

Tesco sell a single original Snickers bar for 60p and a four-pack for just £1, so it is slightly more costly to try the new flavour – but we're convinced the lighter chocolatey treat just might be worth it.

M&Ms just launched the brand's first-ever chocolate bars – in crispy mint, peanut, plain, crispy and almond flavours.

Snickers are not the first to launch a new bar – earlier this year, Cadbury launched three new flavours of Dairy Milk.

Did your Dream die when the white chocolate bar was removed from shelves? A Cadburys' white chocolate range is coming to Asda.

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