Sometimes in life you've just got to laugh, as these funny snaps prove

Making the best of a bad situation! Hilarious snaps capture people who can poke fun at dark situations – including an amputee with a tattoo saying ‘one foot in the grave’

  • Social media users shared snaps of people making the best of a bad situation
  • A man went out on a limb with a joke about his own prosthetic leg
  • Meanwhile a single man advertised for a new wife with an inventive car sticker

Sometimes you’ve got to have a sense of humour to get through the hard times in life, as these pictures show. 

Social media users from around the world captured people who would much rather laugh than cry, with the best examples rounded up on  and

A US man with a fake leg got a tattoo saying ‘one foot in the grave’ to make light of what must have been a really difficult situation to adapt to. 

A cat appeared to give her owners the third-degree over a photo frame with a stock image of a dog in it, which they managed to catch on camera with purr-fect timing.

Here are FEMAIL’s top picks of the funniest pictures that are too good to miss… 

Going out on a limb with this joke: A US man decided to see the funny side of having a fake leg, by getting this tattoo – as he quite literally has one foot

A single dad from the US makes his intentions clear by getting a humorous car sticker – we wonder if anyone filed their CV?

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Giving them the purred degree! A cat appeared to demand an explanation when her British owners came home with a photo frame that had a stock image of a dog in it

A fruity funeral: We don’t know to peel about this US office worker’s handiwork, but some would say it’s still good to eat!

Malificent work! These parents couldn’t resist taking this darkly funny photo on a trip to Disneyland Florida, when they spotted the Malificent character as their daughter, dressed as Snow White, was sleeping!

Ho, ho, oh no! This US worker said ‘decided to decorate my office at work’ with the worlds saddest looking Christmas tree with one lonely bauble hanging from it, saves on cleaning up the pines

This guy’s a ‘pole’ lot of fun! A picture captured in this US makes this pole look like he’s crossing his arms in annoyance with the addition of a little bit of sharpie work

This joke is a little on the Dark Side: A US office found a great way to tell people not to pee on the seat – by using The Force of humor

These three things can go in either order – but a great location for business for this off-licence owner in the US!

A US man found the answer to male pattern baldness was to blame it on the goat he had tattooed on his head – they will eat ANYTHING!

The miniature Hulk: This US dad decided to make the best of his busted windscreen by posing up a cute photo that made it look like his daughter is super-strong!

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