‘Stranger Things 4’ Confirmed With Chilling New Teaser & Hopper Fans Are Freaking Out

It’s all happening! A fourth season of ‘Stranger Things’ has been confirmed, with Netflix premiering a teaser trailer that promises fans another eerie season — and perhaps hope for a fan-favorite character?

Grab your walkies and Eggo waffles, because it’s time to celebrate! Stranger Things 4 is happening (as if there was ever any doubt), as Netflix confirmed on Sept. 30th with the first look, teaser trailer.  And what a tease, indeed! As the iconic opening music swells and the number 4 comes into focus behind the Stranger Things title card, we drop into darkness and into the chilling world of the Upside Down. As the Stranger Things title decays right in front of your eyes, the tagline for the season 4 bursts into view: We’re Not In Hawkins Anymore.  Well… DAMN!

Fans immediately rejoiced on social media, thrilled not only to finally have the next season confirmed but to also have a short glimpse into what’s to come. The preview gave hope that someone very special may be returning. If you watched season 3 — and if you didn’t, here’s the obligatory SPOILER ALERT — you’re probably still crying over the fact that Hopper sacrificed himself. The beloved character died in the finale to save Joyce, Eleven, and all of Hawkins by closing the Gate. However, if you stayed for the after-credits scene, you’ll also remember that the Russians have a mysterious ‘American‘ in custody. Could that be Hopper? And if so, how’d he get all the way across the world?

The ongoing fan theory since the show debuted in July has been Hopper escaped the explosion in the Russian base under the Starcourt Mall by jumping through the Gate, into the Upside Down itself. If so, he could very well still be alive. Was he captured by the Russians? They clearly still have a way to travel into the Upside Down, as they have possession of a Demogorgon in their secret compound. The teaser adds credence to the theory, as perceptive fans noticed a tiny light shining in the background, once we descend into the Upside Down. That light looks very much like a flashlight and disappears quickly as we get a bit closer.

Is it a stretch? Perhaps — but if you look very closely, that does look very much like Hopper & El’s cabin. And if there were anyone who could survive an extended trip into the terrifying unknown of the Upside Down, it would be on Hopper. Sadly, the announcement and teaser did not come with any indication of when season 4 will premiere or when the new season will even start filming. So, we’ll all just have to wait to see if we’re right about Hopper. Here’s hoping!

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