Stripper gives peek at racy outfits and how much money she can make in a night

A stripper has divulged how much money she makes in a single night and says the cash has to be swept off the floor with a broom.

In a TikTok video, user Karynna @karynnamiles from San Diego, California, US, shows off her red and black cage-style lingerie that barely covers her assets.

The exotic dancer then films her insanely tall platform heels that she wears to perform in and reveals she also carries a purse with perfume and hand sanitiser.

She then shows a huge wad of cash on the table and reveals she made $1,040 (£750) even after having to pay the strip club $300 (£217) in tips to perform there.

Karynna then shares a shot of herself in a tiny red bra and thong set from inside the dressing room.

The clip has been watched more than 300,000 times since it was uploaded on the video-sharing app and received 20,000 "likes" and thousands of comments.

One person said: "I wish I trusted people like she trusts those heels from not breaking or those straps from snapping."

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"How other girls treat other girls there? I'd be scared if they judge or bully or steal my money," asked a second viewer.

One woman commented: "How do you get used to wearing those high heels?"

Another asked: "I don't get it if they throw money at you while you are dancing on the stage do you just pick it up when you are done?"

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Karynna replied: "There's a guy at night whose job it is to pick up the money.

"He comes with a broom to sweep it up because there is so much."

This comes after a stripper posed in a lacy black robe and filmed herself counting stacks of money on her bed as she revealed how much she made that night.

And a pastor turned stripper claimed it had made her a "better mum" than her church upbringing.

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