The Chic List: festive red lines

The Chic List: festive red lines

Sexy and deliciously luxurious, red is the colour of the festive season – and danger, too. And rightly so, because, as the following story reveals, the two often go hand in hand… 

I can still feel that awful knot in my stomach when I saw the word ‘sent’ underneath my text message. To cut a long story short, a woman I knew had been making my life a misery for quite a long time. After a Christmas party both of us attended – and following a few too many glasses of fizz – I wrote a text to a friend, giving a scathing report of this woman’s behaviour and, let’s just say, I was extremely frank about my feelings. I just needed to offload to someone close – someone who would get it – after months of stress caused by this woman. And, you’ve guessed it, I sent the text to my arch-frenemy instead. 

Gasp! Lots of pacing the room and panicked short breaths ensued. The woman’s wounded response only made me feel worse. But my text did solve the problem in a way – she never spoke to me again. 

Wearing vintage cardigan (for similar try Massimo Dutti), skirt, Nili Lotan, and shoes, Jimmy Choo

Another friend had a similar Christmas disaster. Advising a colleague via text to avoid going into business with a certain designer because her clothes were ‘ghastly’, my friend pinged her message to said designer instead. Even worse, my friend keeps bumping into the very offended designer on the social circuit. 

So, this Christmas, while planning on wearing lots of festive red, I won’t be texting anyone, except my taxi driver. There is no other time of the year when love is all around us but so too is ‘the fear’: the fear of saying the wrong thing at a drinks party when spirits are high. Or the fear of waking up and realising you’ve texted an ex you haven’t spoken to for years. 

This is why in last week’s column I was arguing that the French exit is mandatory at this time of year – get out, get home and stay safe. Waking up after a party without any fear or remorse is the best gift we can give our adult selves this Christmas. 

Beside that, looking good is the easy part – but here are a few tips to help you through. 

Wearing vintage cardigan (for similar try Massimo Dutti), skirt, Nili Lotan, and shoes, Jimmy Choo

★ As well as red, festive finery is big on sequins. To avoid looking like a walking Christmas tree, take the less-is-more approach: pair sequined trousers or a skirt with a black or white blazer and simple camisole top. 

★ Mix textures. Wear a cashmere rollneck over a satin skirt or a shimmering top with velvet trousers. 

★ A feather bag or diamanté shoes are the perfect Christmas party accessory. 

★ Lastly, a faux-fur coat over your outfit always adds an extra layer of mystery and glamour.

Top, £59.99,

Boots, £189,




Look sparkly and stay snug at your Christmas do with this elegantly sequined knit. Pair with a white pleated skirt or black velvet trousers for maximum effect.









Sleek, sexy and comfy. We are big fans of Massimo Dutti’s range of boots this season. Pair these mock crocs with leggings or miniskirts and sheer black tights.





Gilet, £370,

Inspired by wabi-sabi – the Japanese concept of appreciating the beauty in imperfections – The Small Home is known for its pared-back aesthetic and championing the handmade, the natural and the unique. Snuggle up in its reversible sheepskin gilet this winter.

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