The Cool $80 Sneakers Bella Hadid Just Wore Are Actually Sold on Amazon

I've had a love-hate-relationship with the clunky dad-shoe trend ever since it started. When I first saw the sneakers popping up on the feet of my favorite celebs, my initial thoughts were basically along the lines of, "Yikes." But boy, was I wrong. Here we are a couple of years later and clunky shoes are still going strong. I hate to admit that they've actually started to grow on me — especially since some brands are making sleeker, easier-to-wear options that are also affordable. The brand I'm keeping an eye out on right now is Globe, and the sneakers are the Option EVO.

The Australian-based brand isn't new at all. It's actually been around since the '90s, catering to the skater and surfing communities. Now fashion-y types like Bella Hadid are proving the brand's sneakers look just as stylish on the street-style scene as they do in the sports arena.

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Shop It: Globe Option EVO; $80;

Hadid wore her pair with equally as cool Foo and Foo cargo pants, a matching jacket in her hands, and a NSFW Sticky Ricky shirt while out and about in New York City.

Don't sleep on the Globe sneakers. Look at what happened to Vans, another sneaker brand originally made for skateboarders. Now it's one of the most popular shoe brands in fashion. I wouldn't be surprised if, a few months from now, we're all wearing Globe. You might as well get a head-start on the skateboard sneaker movement before your friends do and grab a pair from Amazon. Don't forget the sizes are mens, so be sure to go down two for the perfect fit.

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