The Surprising Role Prince Philip Played in Removing Prince Andrew From Royal Duties

It seems that in recent months, the royal family has been dealing with one scandal after another. Whether it be rumors of Prince William cheating on his wife, Kate Middleton, or negative news regarding Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, just about everyone knows that the headlines will more often than not feature news about the royal family.

One of the biggest scandals in royal history is something that happened a short time ago, which revolved around Prince Andrew’s ties to the infamous Jeffrey Epstein. While the Duke of York denies any involvement in Epstein’s activities, there is still plenty of negative attention surrounding the entire situation.

Things got so bad, in fact, that Prince Andrew recently stepped away as a working royal. While many people may assume that the decision to do this was made solely by Queen Elizabeth, it turns out that it was discussed between several members of the family. So, what is the surprising role that Prince Philip played in removing Prince Andrew from royal duties?

Prince Andrew’s ties to Jeffrey Epstein

Unless they are completely cut off from the news, just about everyone knows about Prince Andrew‘s relationship with Epstein, a convicted pedophile. According to the New York Times, the prince did an interview with the BBC that was supposed to help him but actually did the exact opposite.

It turns out Prince Andrew and Epstein had been friends for quite a while, even spending some time together in New York City and at various royal functions. There have been accusations made against Prince Andrew, who strongly denies all allegations. Even so, this is not the type of situation that Queen Elizabeth wants any member of her family to be involved in, and she even went so far as to cancel her son’s 60th birthday party. 

The Duke of York stepped away from royal duties

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As if being involved in such a horrible scandal isn’t bad enough, Prince Andrew was famously removed from carrying out any further royal duties. While BBC News reports that Prince Andrew stated that he was taking some time off, but we later found out that the queen called him to Buckingham Palace to break the news that he had been let go.

We all know that her majesty likes the family to keep up a certain image, and being tied to Epstein certainly is not something that she approves of. There is no doubt that firing Prince Andrew was an extremely difficult decision for her to make, but in the end, she knew that she needed to do what is best for the British Monarchy. 

The surprising role that Prince Philip played in removing Prince Andrew from royal duties

It was recently discovered that Queen Elizabeth did not make the decision on her own. According to Express, Prince Andrew actually released a statement saying that he knows that his involvement in the scandal has negatively affected his family and the work that they do on a daily basis.

So, who else was involved in removing the Duke of York from his royal duties? Prince Charles as well as Prince William definitely supported the decision and even pushed for him to be fired.

However, that is not all. Prince Philip, who has retired from royal duties himself, actually played an important role in the decision. Instead of hanging back and keeping quiet, he voiced his opinion on the matter and told his son that he had to take ownership of his actions by accepting his punishment.

While the famous father and son didn’t argue about what was going on, Prince Philip was firm in what he said, and truly spoke from the heart, as he knows what is best for the monarchy.

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