TSB online banking down leaving customers unable to access accounts on payday

THE online banking of TSB has gone down for some customers, leaving them unable to access accounts on payday.

The problems appear to have started before 10am this morning, with more than 500 users reporting problems on the Downdetector website.

Overall, 78% are complaining about problems with internet banking, 18% report issues with online banking and 2% are struggling with the website.

Twitter users have also vented on social media this morning, with one user saying: "Currently self isolating so relying on food being delivered but can't access my @TSB account to move money into current account to order any.

"Think it's more than time to change banks, unreliable at best."

While another added: "@TSB mobile app and internet banking down again?

"This happens too often for any bank let alone one as big as TSB #tsb #useless #boycotttsb"

What to do if you can’t access your money

If you can’t access your money and you need to urgently, here’s what to do:

  • Visit your local branch as soon as you can.
  • If you can't get there, or it is closed, call your bank and ask for its guidance on what to do. 
  • If the bank’s phone services are also down or busy, try contacting your bank on social media to ask what to do. But remember: don’t ever share your account details over social media.
  • Try to do this on the day the problem arises so you can show you made every attempt to solve the issue.
  • If you still can't access your money, begin gathering evidence for a complaint.

A third customers wrote on Twitter: "@TSB what is going on with your online and app service I can't access either and not one bit of information available on your website.

"This is a regular occurrence @TSB and yet you never seem to update the website when issues occur, absolutely appalling service."

While a fourth asked: "@TSB why do your systems always go down for payday?"

The Sun has asked TSB to confirm when the problems are going to be fixed, we'll update this article once we get a response.

Customers can see if there are any issues with TSB's services by checking its dedicated page on its website, but TSB currently hasn't reported any outages.

Here, you can find out what services have been affected, including mobile, online, telephone banking and card payments.

Sadly, banks don't have to pay out compensation to customers if there has been a drop in service, unlike telecoms companies.

You may, however, be entitled to some money back depending on how much the service disruption has affected you.

Make a note of when you were unable to access the services and the names of anyone you spoke to about resolving the issue – record-keeping will strengthen your case.

You can find more details about how to complain to TSB on its website.

Earlier this month, an online glitch at TSB left hundreds of frustrated customers unable to log into online banking or the app.

The outage came just days after TSB announced plans to close 164 branches due to a rise in mobile banking.

And back in April, an outage left TSB customers locked out of their accounts for three hours.

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