Venus in Sagittarius Is Helping You Level-Up Your Love Life

It’s one week before the beginning of winter. It’s miserable and freezing outside, but your love life is about to ~heat up~. On December 15, Venus, the planet of love, pleasure, and beauty, enters fiery Sagittarius, the wildest, most upbeat sign of the zodiac. Your love life is all about “adventure” and “exploration” until Venus moves into Capricorn on January 8—and while you can’t exactly take an impulsive international vacay right now, you can learn new things about your S.O./crush or switch up your Netflix date nights for something a little more exciting.

If you’re a fire sign (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius), you’re 110% living it up with this Venus transit, but if you’re a mutable sign (Gemini, Virgo, Pisces), you might struggle to keep up with the quick pace.

Venus has been in Scorpio, its least fav sign, for the past three-plus weeks. During this time, you’ve probably been über emo (especially when it comes to your relationships). Well, that’s about to change! Sagittarius is extroverted, generous, and doesn’t have a filter. While Venus is in Sagittarius, you’re more confident, so go ahead and slide into your crush’s DMs. You feel empowered to start tough convos, like the “What are we?” talk. Venus in Sagittarius wants you to set bold goals for your love life then do whatever it takes to accomplish them! P.S.: You’re also more inclined to try out ~kinky~ stuff in bed (or just surprise your S.O. with a new sex toy), because Sagittarius is the sign of adventure.

Of course, there’s a downside to pretty much every transit. Remember when I said Sagittarius has no filter? That can be great for telling your crush how you feel, but it can also make it real easy for you to come off as pushy, extra, or even tactless. Try to resist the urge to triple-text. Sagittarius also has a rep for being flaky and losing interest fast. It’s not uncommon to get ghosted (or shamelessly ghost someone) right now; this astro-weather supports casual flings way more than it does LTRs. Try to just enjoy the ~moment~ even if your hot sexting sesh doesn’t lead anywhere else. All that matters is that you had a good time!

Whether you’re single, boo’d up, or in an “it’s complicated” situationship, Venus in Sagittarius promises to help reignite the spark in your love life. 2020’s astro-weather was, in a word, bad, but Venus in Sagittarius is thrilling, active, and buoyant—the perfect transit to end the worst year on record!

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Your sign is really taking on this transit’s adventurous qualities. Your next crush is almost guaranteed to be someone who’s totally not your usual type—or someone who doesn’t live anywhere near you (how do you feel about long-distance relationships, Aries?). If you’re not usually interested in casual hookups, this might be the month that you have an amazing, fun fling (just remember COVID safety guidelines, pls!). If you’re boo’d up, you might find your new favorite kink.


This transit is activating your chart’s eighth house of intimacy. Translation: Things are getting ~hotttt~. Despite Sagittarius’ flaky reputation, you’re actually more likely to catch feelings or start a committed relationship right now, because this is an intense, deeply emotional transit for you. Sagittarius is the sign of exploration, but you’re diving inwards and discovering a ton about yourself, your partner, and your relationship. PS: Venus also rules money, and the eighth house rules inheritances, so a lil extra $$ might show up soon!


If you read your Sagittarius season horoscope, you know that this time of year = cuffing season for your sign. This is being reinforced by Venus in Sagittarius, because it’s activating your chart’s relationships zone. Your love life? Blazing hot. Whether you’re interested in a casual fling, DTR-ing your situationship, or maybe even talking to your partner about moving in together/getting married/etc., Venus in Sagittarius is here to help you out. All of your relationships (your romantic ones, as well as your relationships with your friends, coworkers, even people you’re beefing with) are able to grow and improve a ton right now.


Venus in Sagittarius wants you to step up your self-care game, big time. Your chart’s sixth house, which governs health, is being activated, so this is the best time of year to start a new routine (maybe you’ll become one of those people who goes for a run every morning?) or just reorganize your life. Splurge on some new skincare products or take a virtual cooking class so you can start making healthier meals. The habits you set right now will stick around for a long time. Oh, and since the sixth house also rules work, you’re getting along your coworkers better—you might even find yourself crushing on one!


You’re really getting the best of the best from this transit, Leo. The planet of love and pleasure is activating your chart’s fifth house, which governs romance, sex, and fun, so your love life is getting a huge upgrade. You’re absolutely radiating charisma and confidence, and people can’t help but notice how blazing hot you are! Everything’s coming up Leo. If you’re looking for a fling, there’s an abundance of hotties in your DMs. If you’re looking for something a little more romantic, you’re connecting with your next potential boo soon. This year’s been extra chaotic for you, bb, but Venus in Sagittarius is giving you the break you deserve. Have fun!


Even though Venus in Sagittarius has outgoing vibes, you’re actually feeling a little more introverted right now. You’re staying at home way more—as is pretty much everyone, but you’re feeling more okay about it than the rest of us. Instead of daydreaming about going to a holiday party, you’re focusing on the relationships you have with your family members or roommates. If you’re boo’d up, you’ve having lots of fun Netflix and chill nights, but if you’re single, go ahead and take a break from your dating apps. You’re meant to focus on your roots, your family, and your life at home right now. DW though, because when Capricorn season on December 21, there will be an abundance of love in the air!


Something that you and Sagittarius have in common is your shared reputation for being flaky. You’re both famous for having about a hundred different crushes at once (and ghosting all of them when you get bored). I’m not trying to be shady, I promise—just pointing out that this compatibility between your signs makes this transit an easy time for you to connect with new people, turn flirty texts into a hot sexting session, or make the perfect impression on a first (FaceTime) date. I know it’s hard to believe, Libra, but you’re actually seeing tons of hot, exciting opportunities for your love life right now. And if you’re looking for an LTR, you could even meet The One right now—you just might have to go through a few frogs first.


Venus is out of your sign now (boo!), but there’s no need to worry about your love life. If you met someone special over the past few weeks, this is a great time to DTR! If you’re single, this transit is helping you find someone fascinating, and it’s urging you to think about getting serious, quick. Hopefully you’re interested in a LTR, because for your sign specifically, this isn’t the best time for anything casual. Your chart’s zone of finances is also being activated right now, and since Venus rules money, you can expect a holiday bonus or raise on your next paycheck!


Since Venus is in your sign, you’re radiating a very Venusian vibe right now. You’re looking good, feeling gorgeous, and everyone is noticing! Whether you’re single, in a situationship, or happily boo’d up, expect a lot of extra attention. People are just naturally more attracted to you, they’re showering you with affection, and TBH, you’re loving it! This is also an amazing time for a makeover. Get some goodies from Sephora, splurge on that super cute outfit you saved last week, or go for that totally out-there, crazy haircut you’ve been thinking about.


Venus in Sagittarius is activating the twelfth house of your chart, which governs isolation and the completion of cycles, for the next few weeks. Exes (especially those you had a long-distance relationship with) are coming back into your life—you need to fix some unaddressed issues with them. You’re tying off loose ends, kicking expired relationships to the curb, and basically clearing out your love life. That way, when Venus enters your sign in a few weeks, you make tons of magic happen.


Your social life is thriving right now! Venus in Sagittarius is activating your chart’s zone of networking and social circles, so you’re adding new people to your group chat and turning that Instagram mutual into an actual friend. You’re known for being ~quirky~ and ~eccentric~, and right now, you’re attracting connections who are equally as unique. Enjoy it!


Life on the job is improving a ton thanks to Venus in Sagittarius. Venus is activating your midheaven, the part of your chart that rules your career and public image, so if you have any big presentations or year-end tasks at work, step on it! You’re in the spotlight right now, so go above and beyond. That way, you can really wow your higher-ups and secure your bag. A raise, bonus, or even a promotion could come your way if you play your cards right over the next few weeks.

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