Video lists hilarious guide to using the London Underground

How to use the Tube if you’re American! Hilarious video warns all British politeness will be lost if you don’t stand on the right of the escalator or travel in total silence

  • A TikTok user who uses the handle @PhilC84 posted a handy guide to the tube
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British commuters have been left in hysterics after a video resurfaced of a comedian explaining the London Underground system to American visitors.

The video, posted on TikTok, walked the average tourist through the tube in the capital city and explained the network.

Narrated by a comedian using the handle @PhilC84, the clip jokes about how the night tube serves to frustrate black cab drivers, and that some underground stations use fans to cool down the platforms – usually to no avail.

Several times in the clip, he made the point that passengers must stand on the right hand side of escalators when travelling through the station.

After posting the video, Londoners and people who have visited the capital joked that they could relate to many of the points Phil was making.

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At the beginning of the video, Phil says: ‘Here’s a few handy trips on how to get around on our Underground or, as you call it, Subway (give me strength).’

He adds: ‘For goodness sake, stand on the right of the escalator. The left is for walking on. If you mess up this perfect system then any idea you have of British politeness will be quickly forgotten.’

To anyone who might struggle to navigate the London Underground network, Phil reassures them by explaining the tube map helps you understand where you need to go.

However, he says: ‘Be aware it is not geographically accurate – it was designed to be easy to read.’

TikTok user @PhilC84 posted a video on the platform teaching American tourists how to navigate the London Underground 

Phil joked that one of the most important rules to follow on the London Underground is to remain very quiet while travelling

He then posts a photo of the geographically accurate tube map before saying: ‘Yes, it is as confusing to us as it is to you.’

Phil then goes on to explain the reduced-service night tube which runs on weekends, which he jokes was ‘put in place to make black cab drivers scared and angry’.

He then jokingly adds that the London mayor ‘realised this is all black cab drivers ever are’.

Next, he explains the ventilation (or lack thereof) in tube stations. He says: ‘There is no air conditioning so it can get unbelievably hot on the Underground.’

He then posts footage of enormous fans working in tube stations, which he jokes are to ‘move hot air around’.

The most important rule Phil tackles is asking people to be quiet on the tube ‘unless it’s late at night’.

He jokes: ‘We are a simple people who like to travel in silence. It’s not that we don’t want to talk or listen to you; we don’t want to talk or listen to anybody. So please respect us as a city.’

After the video was posted in 2021, people left comments joking about their own experiences on the London Underground and adding their own pieces of advice.

One person joked: ‘And don’t be surprised when you have to walk the entire length of London just trying to find your way out of Bank station!’

In the same vein, another said: ‘Avoid Bank and Green Park unless you also plan on raising money through a sponsored walk.’

One Londoner, who is very much on board with Phil’s advice, added: ‘Keep your ear buds in and your head down. Only acceptable conversation is to say ‘sorry’ 20 times as you bump into people.’

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