Aaron begs Amy not to expose him in Corrie as he gaslights her over sex consent

Tonight in Coronation Street, Amy Barlow (Elle Mulvaney) comes to the horrifying realisation that she was raped by Aaron Sandford (James Craven).

The ordeal happened after they spent time at the flat together getting drunk. Eventually, Amy declared that she had drank far too much and was feeling unwell and ended up in bed.

Aaron climbed in beside her and started kissing her but tonight, Amy reels in shock when he says that things went too far, and they never should have slept together.

When Amy asserts that she was far too drunk to consent, Aaron goes all out to convince her that she wanted sex as much as he did and they’re equally responsible for what happened.

Amy knows he’s lying and for James Craven, he is very clear that his character’s actions are wrong.

‘He doesn’t check in with himself and importantly doesn’t check in with Amy that she’s ok with all of this. It’s a lack of care due to a lack of thought,’ he said.

‘He assumes she’s ok to continue, because as far as he’s concerned everything leading up to this moment has been fine and she’s been ok with everything. He definitely fails to read the signals.’

The writers and cast had the advice and support of a charity called the Schools Consent Project and James said that their help had been invaluable.

‘They filled us in with all of the facts and figures and it was really interesting to hear about the work that they were doing and how they approached the situation and what kind of situations they’re dealing with,’ he told us.

‘It also just reaffirmed for us why we were doing the story in the first place, because it does highlight the fact that unfortunately, this is something that is far too common and is far too normalised and hopefully and after something like this we could try to do something to help that, I think.’

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