Vlogger turned model makes pal want to vomit over extreme OnlyFans earnings

How much money do top creators make on OnlyFans? If Corinna Kopf’s staggering earnings are anything to go by, it’s a lot.

The YouTuber turned sexy model, known as “Pouty Girl” online, is best known for appearing in fellow creator David Dobrik’s vlogs.

And the shrewd social media star has harnessed her fame to start her own successful page on the adults only subscription site.

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The 26-year-old, from Illinois, made a whopping $1million (around £825,000) in her first 48 hours on the platform – with her earnings continuing to climb.

In a recent video, David admitted Corinna’s pay slip is so “insane” it “makes (him) want to vomit”.

This month, the YouTuber said: "This is my friend Corinna. She's kind of had a side hustle that we all know about, but look at how much she made."

Sharing a payslip of June 2021 to February 2022 earnings, he added: "This makes me want to f***ing vomit. This is absolutely insane.”

According to the document, Corinna’s average OnlyFans income is $1.2million (around £991,000) a month.

And during this time-frame, she’s made a total of $10.8million (approximately £8.9million).

As Corinna charges around $16 (around £13) a month to see her content, she's likely to have hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

Corinna Kopf’s OnlyFans earnings

  • Feb 2022 – $683,635.82 (£564,000)
  • Jan 2022 – $811,138.08 (£669,000)
  • Dec 2021 – $1,046,108.70 (£825,000)
  • Nov 2021 – $970,663.97 (£801,000)
  • Oct 2021 – $954,774.24 (£787,000)
  • Sept 2021 – $1,018,770.86 (£825,000)
  • Aug 2021 – $1,276,071.86 (£991,000)
  • Jul 2021 – $1,698,408.28 (£1.3million)
  • Jun 2021 – $2,364,334.07 (£1.9million)

OnlyFans is one of the reasons the stunning model has been able to afford luxuries like a £290,000 Ferrari.

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Corinna also jetted off on envy-inducing holidays in recent weeks – from Mykonos to Milan and Munich.

She's not shy about splashing the cash when out and about either.

Last year, the vlogger spent more than £18,000 at a strip club in one wild night.

With a bank balance looking that healthy, why not?!


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