Voice of the Mirror: Scrap all of the hospital parking charges

Hospital car-parking charges in England are an NHS stealth tax on the sick and we demand their total abolition.

In Wales and Scotland, parking is largely free. It should be the same here.

The Daily Mirror has long campaigned to axe unfair, sometimes exorbitant, costs in England and we welcome the Tory Government’s partial climbdown in ending charges for a minority of hospital patients and staff.

At least this is one Tory manifesto pledge that hasn’t been totally ignored.

While it is a relief health minister Matt Hancock is ending car-parking fees for some, every patient or NHS worker in England who will continue to be expected to pay is entitled to feel aggrieved.

If Labour in Wales and the SNP in Scotland can end rip-offs, why do the Tories in England go grudgingly half-way? It’s about political will.

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A cruel divide

Grotesque inequality is exposed when a homeless mother gives birth to twins on a cold street near Cambridge University’s ivory towers.

Nothing could better illustrate the distressing divide in Two Nations Britain.

We wish her and the two premature children a happier future, but the rise in homelessness under the Conservatives is a stain on that party and our nation.

Years of cuts contributed to an appalling crisis with thousands sleeping rough and more than 100,000 children spending this holiday period without a permanent home.

Homelessness is a test of whether we are a civilised country. Boris Johnson take note.

Trainee driving instructor Hayley Burton, if she’d stopped and thought, would have realised the danger of standing in front of a getaway car.

But the mum-of-three came up smelling of Roses after she took a firm stand for right against wrong and the shoplifters handed back the tubs of chocs they had nabbed from Tesco.

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