Spies In Disguise review: Animation looks great but the plot feels unoriginal and lifted from other spy films – The Sun

IT may boast Tom Holland and Will Smith on vocal duties, but this animated espionage caper doesn’t quite manage to take flight.

It’s a loose adaptation of Lucas Martell’s 2009 animated short Pigeon: Impossible, which follows Smith’s secret agent Lance Starling as he tackles terrorist threats worldwide.

Holland’s Walter Beckett is a well-meaning young scientist who invents gadgets for spies like Lance but after the latter ingests a “biodynamic concealment” prototype by accident he turns into a pigeon.

No longer able to fly solo, Lance is forced to team up with Walter and a flurry of feathery friends – to clear his name after being accused of treason, and to stop a cybernetic madman (voiced by Ben Mendelsohn) from unleashing hell.

The animation looks gorgeous and Smith, Holland and Mendelsohn lift their characters with their trademark charm.

But frustratingly, the story isn’t that original and too often it feels like you’re watching sequences and plot points lifted from better action, superhero and spy movies.

Still, if you’re looking for a bit of silly fun to watch with your kids over Christmas, it may just have enough to keep you entertained.

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