Why David Arquette Still Loves Watching Back Scream Scenes with Ex-Wife Courteney Cox

The actor tweeted along with the movie Sunday night, sharing some previously-unknown intel from the set.

David Arquette and Courteney Cox may not have made it in the long run, but there’s nothing but love between these exes.

Drew Barrymore hosted CBS Sunday Night Movies’ airing of “Scream” on Sunday, with Arquette, Cox and quite a few other stars from the horror franchise tweeting along with the 1996 film as it aired and sharing some fun tidbits about production in the process.

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Cox and Arquette met on the set of the first film, before marrying by “Scream 3” and welcoming daughter Coco in 2000. They separated before the release of “Scream 4.” Clearly, their real life relationship is tied closely with the franchise itself, something David mentioned as one of their scenes together aired on Sunday.

“I love the scenes witH @CourteneyCox as Gale not only because she’s a brilliant actress and they are all flirty and stuff,” he tweeted, “but because it lead to Coco our daughter coming into our lives.”

Arquette and actor W. Earl Brown — who played Gale’s ill-fated cameraman Kenny — also reminisced on the shenanigans they would get into after-hours while filming in Santa Rosa, California.

“We were on night shoots, hence we slept during the day. Whatever cast who didn’t have to work, ended up hanging out together,” tweeted Brown. “@DavidArquette room was usually Party Central, at least until Security came knocking. David bought a go kart we raced down the halls.”

“I decorated my room at the @doubletree in #SantaRosa CA like a 70’s smoke shop with Black light posters and lava lamps,” added David, telling Brown he missed him.

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Other info gleaned from Arquette’s Twitter spree: He reminded viewers Dewey initially died in the script, but director Wes Craven had him wheeled out of the house at the very end “to keep me alive.” He added that, because of Rose McGowan’s death scene, he “will never put a doggie (or cat) door in a retractable garage door.”

He also recalled meeting Henry Winkler for the first time on set, saying he “told him how much it meaned [sic] to me that he shook my hands years before after a live taping of Happy Days and he said ‘I’d like to shake your hand again.'” Added David, “he had a lasting impression on me on how to be kind.”

Arquette also revealed the cheerleader mean girl in the bathroom scene “was dating someone” at the time, but wouldn’t say who — FYI: It was Skeet Ulrich — and said Craven never let the cast members meet Roger L. Jackson, the voice of Ghostface.

“I haven’t met him to this day,” he added.

“Scream 5” — with Neve Campbell, Cox and Arquette all returning — is filming now for a 2021 release.

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