Why the Royal Family can make up to seven outfit changes on Christmas Day

When it comes to Christmas and the festive season, we all want to look our best and the Royal Family are no exception.

We are used to seeing the members of the Monarchy sport their best looks when they step out for public appearances, and it seems that behind closed doors they are just as stylish.

Whilst Christmas might look different for the Royal Family this year as The Queen cancelled Christmas at Sandringham over Covid fears, the core members will still see one another and will be bringing several tiring outfit changes with them.

With multiple events and appearances to partake in whilst at their Sandringham estate, each one calls for a different ensemble.

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Royal Dresser to The Queen, Angela Kelly reveals in her new book The Other Side of the Coin: The Queen, the Dresser and the Wardrobe: "There may be several outfit changes in one day – it could be as many as five or even up to seven."

From their annual trip to morning service on Christmas Day at St Mary Magdalene, to walking the dogs, afternoon tea and, of course, an appropriate outfit for dinner, there is a lot to think about.

In a tradition that was set by the Queen Mother, Angela said "the Queen has followed her example" and continued to be dressed up for dinner.

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As reported by Tatler, Angela revealed how she gets the Queen ready for the formal evening event, as she said: “I lay out sketches of evening dresses for the Queen to look through and choose what she would like to wear that evening and, occasionally, she may have to pick out a dress for a cocktail party.”

To ensure that the Queen's Lady's Maids know how to dress the person they are looking after, Angela writes a notice and pins it on the Dressers' Corridor which informs them what Her Majesty will be wearing.

Of course, over the years there have been times when another Royal may have worn the same colour as the Queen, however Angela said: "When it comes to the Royal Family, it doesn’t matter if they wear the same colour as the Queen because they are family."

In addition to this, the high class events also call for the Royals to sport their most glittering jewels in order to celebrate the past year and festive season.

It was announced last week that the The Queen "regretfully" decided to cancel the Royal Family's annual pre-Christmas party and lunch as Omicron fears continued to grow.

As cases of the COVID-19 variant continue to surge in the UK, Her Majesty reportedly feels that the “risk” is too high on the rest of the family’s plans over the Christmas period.

According to the Daily Mail’s Royal correspondent Rebecca English, the 95 year old monarch feels “regretful” over the decision.

“It could put too many people’s Christmas arrangements at risk if it went ahead,” Rebecca posted on Twitter.

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