Wiltshire town plagued by peacock attacking cars and covering them in scratches

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The menace bird has been pecking at cars in Corsham, Wiltshire, leaving them covered in scratches. In one incident last Saturday, the peacock was seen attacking a black car parked on the High Street.

The vehicle was left damaged after being viciously pecked by the animal.

One witness said: “One of the peacocks was attacking a black car outside the vets because he could see his reflection.

“l moved him away but he returned and scratched the front of the car quite badly.

“l don’t know if the scratches would polish out.”

Corsham is one of several towns in Wiltshire where you can see peacocks roaming the streets.

The birds are thought to attract thousands of visitors each year.

It is not the first time a peacock has damaged a car after taking offence at its reflection in the vehicle.

In 2017, an angry bird caused thousands of pounds in damage to a brand new Range Rover.

Steve Wallace, who had bought the car for his wife Karen, said: “It is seeing its reflection and being competitive and attacking itself.

“It has absolutely decimated the car, every single panel on the car has been scratched – the doors, the bumpers – it absolutely hates it.

“I think I am going to have to get the whole car resprayed, the damage has been costed at £3,500.”

Mr Wallace, of Jersey, added: “I just bought it in the UK for my wife – it’s her pride and joy.

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“She waited years to get it and she is bawling her eyes out at work knowing that this bird is scratching it to bits.

“No one is confessing to it now the damage has been caused. I am now in a Catch 22.

“The insurance company said it would cover the damage up to now but I’ve had to pay excess and any other damage I will have to pay myself in future.

“It comes and goes and if it comes back and attacks the car again I am in serious trouble.

“Some people have told me to change my car but the reality is I have permission from the pest control to take care of it.

“I’ve given it all the chances I can to catch it but its wings aren’t clipped so it just flies off. It is a big old bird.”

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