Paddy promises Rhona he’ll do better after avoiding Marlon in Emmerdale

Paddy Kirk (Dominic Brunt) has promised Rhona Goskirk (Zoe Henry) he will change his ways when it comes to supporting Marlon Dingle (Mark Charnock) in Emmerdale.

Since Marlon’s stroke last week, Paddy has barely seen his best friend in hospital.

He’s distracted himself with looking after Marlon and Rhona’s children and making out that he’s incredibly busy at the vets.

This technique worked for a while, but everything changed for Paddy last night.

After avoiding seeing Marlon again, Paddy rushed home from the hospital, lying to Rhona and saying there is so much to do at the vets.

But when Rhona returned home, she discovered Vanessa (Michelle Hardwick) had been covering a lot of Paddy’s work, leaving her to wonder why he was making excuses.

Tonight, trouble continued for Paddy as he struggled to film his segment of the family video for Marlon.

Meanwhile, in the hospital, Rhona was putting pressure on Marlon as he found speech therapy incredibly difficult.

Back home from the hospital once more, Rhona sat on her own, clearly overwhelmed.

As Paddy approached, he told Rhona he’ll do better and make it up to her – but she wasn’t convinced.

Visiting Marlon will certainly help Rhona convince herself that Paddy is doing better, but can he bring himself to see his best friend in the aftermath of his stroke?

Discussing Paddy’s emotions, Dominic Brunt recently told ‘there’s a selfish side to it, in that he thinks: “why am I causing problems? Why am I not going to the hospital?  A true friend and a human being and a loyal friend would do this”, so he thinks he’s failing.’

‘As an actor playing the part, it’s interesting to explore the fact that you’re not being a saint, you’re not being the good person, you’re being utterly selfish, but it is what happens!’

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