You can buy a new Elf version of Monopoly this Christmas to play with the family

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Monopoly is undoubtedly one of the best games to play at Christmas.

Now to make things even more festive this year, there's a new Elf version of the board game.

Manufacturer USAopoly has released the new Elf Monopoly just in time for the festive season to kick off.

The family-friendly game features the iconic characters, locations and quotes from the much-loved Christmas movie.

Even the cards have been renamed too with Community Chest Cards as Christmas Cheer and Chance Cards as Christmas Spirit.

Choose from six players, including Santa's Sleigh, Polar Bear Cub, Jack-in-the-Box, Mailroom Coffee Mug, Santa's Bag and Maple Syrup.

Players are invited to "buy, sell and trade" their way to Christmas Cheer and Christmas Spirit to be the last one standing.

It is being sold on Amazon for $39.88 (£30.94), but sadly it's currently out of stock.

However, it can be bought from the USAopoly website, however only within the US.

And if you love Monopoly so much, did you know there's an attraction where you can play it in real life?

The world's first Monopoly-themed attraction lets visitors play the fun filled board game in real life.

It not only tests your ability of striking the best deals, it can also teach you a thing or two about money.

Monopoly Dreams lets guests experience some of their favourite parts of the game in real life and even win prizes.

Inside the 20,000 square foot, both indoors and outdoors, are seven rooms based on the cards, such as Bank and Community Chest.

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