Basil Brush calls for Marcus Rashford to become Prime Minister

Basil Brush didn't hold back when he appeared on Daily Star's Facebook Live yesterday.

The cunning fox – known for his "Ha ha ha! Boom! Boom!" catchphrase – praised Manchester United ace Marcus, 22, for his campaign to end child food poverty.

He told the Daily Star: "I’d give it to Marcus Rashford because I’ve become his biggest fan. He can talk the talk. I love him very much. I would like to be his deputy, if you ask me. I like the way that Marcus Rashford does things, because he does things on the quiet."

In an exclusive chat with Daily Star Online, the TV favourite admitted he’s not so sure about EastEnders hardman Danny Dyer.

Basil said: "All I can picture is Danny running the country and telling the Speaker to go and do one."

If Basil was in charge at No10, he said his first law would be ensuring "free Jelly Babies" for everyone.

He says he reads the Daily Star every day and understands Ant and Dec’s "dilemma" over not being able to play golf during breaks in I’m A Celeb filming, as we reported.

But he added: "They’re meant to be doing work, not spend four hours a day on the golf course."

The early winter snap was also on the agenda during the children's TV favourite’s chat, as he spoke about the probability of a white Christmas this year.

Not convinced that there will be a huge influx of snow, Basil said: "Don’t waste your money on it being a white Christmas – but I would invest in a jolly long coat as we’ll all be sat outside more due to the coronavirus pandemic."

He added: "I sat outside and had a cup of tea the other day and dunked my ginger nuts.

"Ha ha ha! Boo! Boom!"

Basil will be in panto Cinderella at the Theatre Royal Windsor from November 26.

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