Ben Shephard issues apology for not wearing mask while paying for petrol after seeing Jeremy Corbyn's mask slip

BEN Shephard has told how he was forced to apologise after forgetting to wear a mask while paying for petrol.

The 45-year-old admitted his mistake after seeing criticism about Jeremy Corbyn's mask slipping below his nose.

"Now we all know that's not how it's supposed to be worn," said Ben on Good Morning Britain today.

"But I was at a petrol station yesterday. I filled my car up, I was miles away, and when I walked into the petrol station I suddenly realised I didn't have my mask on as I got to the desk.

"I was so apologetic, I said, 'I'm so sorry I've completely forgotten'.

"I pulled my jumper over my face and the person behind the screen and said don't worry you can't go running out without paying, that looks suspicious.

"It just makes you realise that with that focus on you can suddenly make a mistake about wearing masks.

"They were very understanding, I was very apologetic."

Dr Hilary Jones also confessed to a momentary slip after forgetting to wear one inside his local chemist.

He told the ITV breakfast show: "I was in a hurry charging around, I went in for an emergency prescription for one of my patients.

"I suddenly realised after 20 seconds, 'oh my goodness I've forgotten my mask'.

"I said to the chemist 'I do apologise, I should have my mask on'.

"I should know, but it's so easy to do."

Ex-Labour leader Jeremy – who was yesterday suspended from the party – has come under fire for not wearing his mask properly.

He was forced to apologise this month for breaching the “rule of six”.

The 71-year-old had been photographed looking grumpy at the posh nine-strong bash with his wife Laura Alvarez, 51, in London.

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