Blackpink’s Jisoo reveals her surprising hobbies

As the lead singer of K-pop group Blackpink, Jisoo leads a fast-paced life fueled by relentlessly recording and touring with her three bandmates. As if all that singing and dancing weren’t enough, Jisoo also appeared on an episode of the Arthdal Chronicles, a Korean television drama that’s available for streaming on Netflix. She has modeled and acted in ads for Nikon, Samsonite, as well as high-end fashion and cosmetic labels. 

Despite her busy schedule, Jisoo still manages to find some downtime to enjoy personal pursuits. What does this superstar do when she actually has a moment to herself? This superstar’s hobbies are surprisingly low-key. Check it out! 

When you're as busy as Jisoo, sleeping becomes a hobby

When Jisoo isn’t in the spotlight, she enjoys focusing on an activity that we can all appreciate: sleeping. According to her cover story for Harper’s Bazaar (via Soompi,) she capitalizes on her rare moments of downtime with some good old fashioned R&R. Carving out time for herself helps her “feel more at ease,” she said. “Whenever I’m alone I sleep a lot, and whenever I sleep, I dream, so it’s been fun.” Perhaps these dreams give Jisoo inspiration for future Blackpink songs and performances! 

Another “dream” of Jisoo’s is to spend more time developing her artistic skills. “Right when I had started wanting to learn something, I began drawing,” she told the fashion mag. “It was a dream of mine when I was younger to become an artist, but suddenly I thought, ‘Why am I so bad at drawing?’ I’ve gotten really into coloring lately. Depending on whether you add a drop of water or not, the vibe of the drawing changes completely, and I really like that.”

Jisoo also loves spending time with her dog, Dalgom. The K-Pop star frequently shares pics of her four-legged friend with her more than 19 million followers on Instagram, and judging by the number of videos of the cute pooch circulating online, Dalgom has a growing fan base too.

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