Fender launch Beginners Hub to guide guitarists to their rock personas

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This year Fender have released a set of tools on Fender.com to welcome newcomers to music into learning how to tune, look after, and play their new instruments. Fender calls the Beginner’s Hub a “one-stop destination for everybody and anybody starting out on their own personal learning journey.”

Fender’s new toolset seems chock full of features, including a Find Your Fender online app which helps pick out your perfect axe.

Once you’ve chosen your new guitar, you can tune it up using the brand’s tuning app, Fender Tune.

Now the guitar is in hand and tuned, the Fender Play service allows prospective guitar heroes to learn how to play their new instrument at their own pace.

The service offers a seven-day free trial where players can learn the ropes of their own musicianship. After that, the service costs £89.99 per year.


For the more familiar guitar players, there are further options.

The suite of beginner’s tools has Basic, Beginner and Beginner+ options for guitar players, allowing them to fine-tune their learning tools.

All of these services have been meticulously designed to be used in conjunction with one of Fender’s guitars.

In particular, the services are tied in well with Fender’s starter kit bundles.

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Each of these come complete with a guitar, an amp, a guitar case, a strap, a cable, and some picks.

The beginner’s packs include a range of acoustic, electric, bass and ukulele options, so there will be an instrument for everybody.

Once players have their dream guitar with them, they can learn the basics with Fender Play and get rocking.

Fender’s push to get more people playing guitar comes from a boom that occurred over the past two years, the brand revealed.

Fender CEO Andy Moony said: “The pandemic rapidly accelerated the already healthy growth in beginner guitar players and we accelerated our investment in tools to support them.

“Our suite of Beginner Tools enables new players to enjoy the process of learning to play music they love and perhaps go on to create music we all will love.”

Get started with Find Your Fender here.

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