Friends actress Courteney Cox unrecognisable after total hair transformation

Friends star Courteney Cox looked totally different as she took to Instagram to show off her new dramatic "bangs".

The 56-year-old, took fans on a trip down memory lane as she recreated her choppy nostalgic look for the latest Scream sequel.

Leaving her followers totally shellshocked that her iconic haircut had made a remarkable return, she posed for the selfie allowing her incredibly short fringe cut to steal all of the limelight.

Adding a Halloween twist, it seemed her fresh new trim had been conducted by the ghost-faced villain who wielded a pair of scissors instead of his usual butchering knife.

Courteney is currently preparing to shoot the fifth film in the sequel and had clearly returned to her roots as news reporter character Gale Weathers.

Getting fans hyped up for the up and coming horror film, she shared the blast from the past image with her 10.1 million followers.

With the terrifying masked person stood right behind her, she captioned : "Not the bangs!!!!!!!!"

Of course the reminiscent image seemed to be a huge hit with her admirers who flocked to comments section to chime their humour.

One person wrote: "No way, I was so tempted to be Gale Weathers with the bangs before I settled on Moira Rose!! I might be having regrets now.

Another simply gushed: "Iconic."

Hardcore Friends fans also showed up beneath the post to reiterate some famous lines that had been previously used on the programme.

In one episode, Courteney's character Monica gets a fresh cut in hope of looking like celebrity A-lister Demi Moore, but it didn't quite go to plan.

Recalling the moment, one fan joked: "I said Demi Moore. Not Dudley Moore."

A second quipped."It was Phoebe right?"

While another penned: "Not the BAYANG."

Friends has now been off-screen for 16 years after The Last One episode aired on May 2004.

A reunion special with original cast members Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, Courteney Cox, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, and David Schwimmer, was planned for March 2020 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the show but was delayed due to coronavirus.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the filming faced numerous setbacks, with Warner Bros postponing it on multiple occasions for safety reasons.

It now seems that the production of the Friends reunion will change from 2020 or early 2021, with a release date still yet to be confirmed.

To get the reunion off of the ground in the first place, Warner Bros had to dig deep, offering each original cast member between $2.5 million and $3 million each to make a return.

The special episode, will contain behind-the-scenes footage to mark the 25th landmark celebration with the stars not necessarily playing their iconic on-screen characters.

In spite of the setbacks, it would seem fans of the show are as eager as ever for the special episode's arrival.

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