Helen Flanagan left shaken after crashing £70k Audi with her kids in car

Coronation Street star Helen Flanagan has been left shaken after she crashed her £70,000 Audi.

Fortunately, she managed to walk away unscathed after crashing her £70,000 Audi. The former Coronation Street star, 33, had been out pumpkin picking with her three children Matilda, seven, Delilah, four, and Charlie, two when the accident took place.

On Saturday night, Helen explained to her followers that her dad had to pick the children up from her ex-fiancé's house as she wasn't able to drive. Helen used to be engaged to footballer Scott Sinclair – who is the father of her three kids.

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She told fans: "I took the whole bonnet off! My dad's just gone to get the children. I couldn't go, I couldn't drive… it wasn't a big deal but I crashed my car. The kids were fine, I was fine but I was pumpkin picking and all I did was reverse into a piece of wood because I can't park to save my life.

"I just thought I'd scratched my car but I took the whole of my bonnet off. Wow… and my car's new as well." Helen added: "I get my kids back today so I'm excited about that, they've been away for half term. I do really miss them when they're away. It always feel really weird."

She explained how she missed them when they stayed at their famous dad's house and preferred it when they were with her. The actress continued: "I love my kids not at school, I much prefer it when they're at home. I love it when they're with me."

This comes after Helen's eldest daughter Matilda revealed that she was back on the dating scene during a TikTok Live – which is one year on from her split with Scott. Matilda said on the live: "My mum's going on a date with someone tomorrow and I think she said he's very hot."

Looking red-faced, Helen replied: "Do you like the look of him? I think he looks quite nice." To which Matilda replied: "But you think he's really hot."

Helen confessed: "Yeah I know, but Matilda I'm a bit nervous actually because I don't know him." Her eldest continued to spill the beans, by saying: "Yeah but you have this dating app, so you look at these boys but some of them do this, [creating a boy impression]."

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