Hugh Grant prostitute Divine Brown hits ‘new low’ 27 years after £45 sex trick

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    Former sex worker Divine Brown has hit a “new low” – 27 years after performing a sex act on Bridget Jones star Hugh Grant.

    Divine – real name Estella Thompson – was caught in Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles in 1995, carrying out a sex act on the Hollywood star which reportedly cost him just $50 (£45).

    Now 53, the former sex worker is facing up to three decades in jail after being charged with battery, cruelty to children, possession of drugs and smuggling suspected cocaine into a jail.

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    In photographs acquired by The Mirror, Divine could be seen heading out into the street wearing a pair of blue jeans, a black boob tube and open blue shirt, revealing her bare stomach and the snake tattoo stretching above her right breast.

    She clutched a cigarette in one hand as she held a mobile phone to her ear, looking focused as she headed outside.

    A neighbour in the Atlanta estate where Divine now lives told the publication: “Divine is all about appearances. Never did the saying ‘red shoes and no knickers’ sum anyone up better.

    “She likes to have people believe she drives a Porsche, wears Prada clothes and Gucci shoes. The reality is far from that.”

    They added that Divine doesn’t have a car and steps out in “nasty old flip-flops”.

    The source went on: “Divine has been in and out of trouble all her adult life. There is constant shouting coming from her home, mostly when she is drunk. It seems her choices may finally be catching up to her.”

    Divine was initially arrested on February 14th this year at 12:30am, after allegedly hitting a 13-year-old.

    The teenager told officers at the time that Divine had been drinking alcohol “or something”, after allegedly seeing her “pop pills” before.

    The police report, seen by The Mirror, said Divine had been “grabbing her by her arm, throwing her around the apartment, slamming her on the couch.”

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    The child is said to have broken free and run for the door, with Divine “grabbing her by the face” and “scratching her” – with the teen later taken to hospital while Divine was hauled to Fulton County Jail.

    Officers then discovered she had what they suspected was cocaine concealed inside her body.

    A conviction for unlawful possession of drugs can carry a sentence of up to 30 years’ prison time, while first-degree cruelty to children can land you up to 20 years behind bars in the state of Georgia.

    Divine has reportedly lived at 36 different addresses, often being evicted from them – with more than 18 legal judgements against her throughout her lifetime.

    It comes after she and Hugh Grant were both arrested on June 27, 1995, for performing a sex act in a public place. Cops headed to Grant’s parked BMW because the brake lights kept flashing as he pushed his foot down on the pedal.

    She branded it the “trick that changed my life”, while Grant labelled it as a moment of “insanity”.

    He had been dating fellow actress Liz Hurley at the time.


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