Im A Celeb Shaun Ryders wildest UFO claims – invading home to pervy aliens

Happy Mondays legend Shaun Ryder claims he's had several encounters with UFOs over the years – and even reckons intergalactic beings have landed in his back garden.

The Madchester icon just appeared on ITV's I'm A Celebrity… South Africa, which was filmed last year and threw past stars of the show back into the jungle for more terrifying bush-tucker trials.

Sadly, Shaun became the first celebrity to leave camp last week along with TV chef Gillian McKeith, but he still managed to steal the show with his hilariously unfiltered outbursts.

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To celebrate Shaun's second jungle stint, Daily Star has dared to delve into the singer's alleged encounters with UFOs and aliens.

Ramshackle spacecraft

Shaun left This Morning's Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby stunned back in 2021 when he recalled a 2013 encounter with a "plastic-looking" UFO.

It occurred when he was working on a TV documentary series about aliens – and thought the production company was playing a prank on him.

He said: "I looked out in my back garden and over my apple tree was this big plastic air fix looking wobbly thing that looked like it was hanging in the air on strings because it was moving.

"I'm slapping myself stupid."

An open-mouthed Phil replied: "The way you describe it sounds like the Del Boy of aliens, some ramshackle air fix thing around a tree."

And Shaun was worried that he could have been hallucinating.

'Spider' spaceship

The Black Grape singer has also suggested that aliens invaded his home – and that their unusual craft had "legs like a spider."

He said: "I wake up one morning and there’s this thing that looks like a spider that’s moving across the windowsill and it’s got, like, red lights going across its back and it’s got six legs, sort of like a spider.

"It was hand size, five or six inches long, and makes absolutely no noise whatsoever.

"Then it goes to where the window is and then an aerial goes up and it goes up to where the window is open and then it changes shape and dives off and then as it’s moving out it completely disappeared.

"This sounds like I’m making it all up and it’s all a load of b******s but it’s not."

Early sighting

Shaun's UFO encounters date back to his teenage years as he apparently saw one when he was a 15-year-old delivery boy.

He brought it up during his This Morning appearance, describing how a strange craft appeared to be "zigzagging about".

In a previous interview, he said: "It was about seven o’clock and I was walking towards the bus stop and there was another young lad stood there.

"We saw this thing whizzing above our heads doing about ten thousand miles an hour, doing zig zags across the sky.

"Then it stopped and then shot off at phenomenal speed. This was 1978 and, ever since seeing that, I knew that it wasn’t ours.

"We didn’t have the technology and I just knew there was something else going on."

'Pervy' aliens

Shaun, who presented Shaun Ryder on UFOs, says there has always been lots of "UFO activity" in Wales.

But he reckoned the extraterrestrials might be 'pervs' who are interested in our sex lives, following an alleged sighting at a nudist beach in Gwynedd, Wales.

He said: "The famous one was the police officer who reported what he saw and they all thought he was bonkers.

“The nudist beach aliens – you never know, they could be up to all sorts. Maybe they need sea water for something, I don’t know.

“But I do know they are very interested in our sex lives so it could just be a bunch of pervy aliens!”

Bad eyesight fears

It's no secret that Shaun used to take drugs, but the now-clean singer insisted that his UFO sightings started before he dabbled in mind-altering substances.

During his chat on This Morning he insisted his teenage alien encounter happened "long before my encounters with hallucinogenics".

But he revealed that he was worried the sightings were all figments of his imagination – or "all in my nut" – when they became more regular.

He added: "When I started seeing other things, I nearly went to get things checked out because when you start hallucinating on things you could be losing your eyesight."

And he recently feared his years of UFO sightings could simply be the result of his bad eyesight.

Shaun said: "“When you’re going blind, you start seeing things. I’m not going blind because I’ve had it checked out. But I’m the sort of a person who may be hallucinating and seeing mad things f***ing flying about – and I have."

Luckily, the hitmaker has had his eyes checked out and got the all-clear from doctors, but he could still be in trouble as he thinks aliens might be following him.

“Once you start f***ing mithering, they just don’t leave you alone. I last saw a UFO just before Covid – just outside my house, again.”


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