Kate Garraway’s friend says she has faced ‘darkest time’ with Derek’s ordeal

Good Morning Britain presenter Kate Garraway has been through a turbulent time since last year, after her husband Derek Draper contracted coronavirus in March 2020.

But now Kate’s best friend Clare Nasir has spoken publicly about the star and says she’s been impressed with Kate’s strength throughout the situation.

Speaking openly to Closer, Kate’s friend Clare said: "Kate doesn't think of the negatives of how unlucky her situation is – she more thinks, 'wow, he's survived when so many haven't…"

Her pal added: “These last few months have been some of the darkest times for Kate but, incredibly, she's stayed so strong and positive – hope is what drives her through.”

Clare says with lockdown restrictions gradually being eased across the UK, Kate may find it hard to comprehend, as Derek is still currently in hospital.

She continued: "While she's obviously delighted that it seems we may be beating this virus in some way and deaths and cases are dropping, the lifting of lockdown and things opening up will be a constant reminder that life is moving on and things are getting better – but not for her.”

Clare has promised that she will continue to assist Kate and help her and the family whilst Derek remains in hospital.

Kate’s documentary, Finding Derek, aired on ITV on Tuesday evening.

The documentary showed the realities of living with a family member who has contracted coronavirus and how they are all having to adjust to a new way of life.

Derek is currently the longest surviving coronavirus inpatient in the UK.

The documentary showed Derek for the first time showing signs of emotion on his 219th day in the hospital.

In the documentary, whilst holding her phone in her hand to show to the camera, Kate said: ”Right, I'm going to find the first day he showed emotion, which is a big breakthrough.”

In the video, Kate asks Derek: "Do your muscles ache?"

After a pause, Derek nodded back to Kate and mouthed ‘yes'.

Following on from this, the video then continued with Kate saying: "You haven't used them in so long, it's going to be so hard, but you're doing brilliantly."

Derek then burst into tears in the video after he received Kate's compliments on his progress.

Viewers who watched the heart-breaking documentary on Tuesday night were left emotional and some took to Twitter to air their views.

One viewer wrote: “Anyone who thinks it’s not right that we can’t go on holiday or can’t go to the pub. needs to watch #FindingDerek to see the horrendous impact this virus is having. Kate Garraway though… what an incredible woman.”

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