Kelly Clarkson Loses It After Gwyneth Paltrow Shares Her Love For Cardi B’s Song ‘WAP’ — Watch

Kelly Clarkson said Gwyneth Paltrow was her ‘favorite guest this season’ after the actress revealed she’s a big fan of the song ‘WAP’.

Gwyneth Paltrow has offered fans a glimpse at the kind of music she listens to — including Cardi B‘s hit song “WAP”. The actress turned lifestyle guru, 48, sat down with Kelly Clarkson on the March 23 episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show for a candid chat about music. “What are some songs you go to when you’re down?” the 38-year-old American Idol alum asked, to which Gwyneth replied, “Wet a** p***y,” aka WAP by Cardi B featuring Megan Thee Stallion.” Kelly burst out laughing in response, and even got up from her chair to dive onto a couch on set.

“Oh my God, I’m done!” she yelled. “I literally, I need to see the tape back. ‘Cause I felt like I was like, ‘Oh. Wait, what?’ That was amazing! You win for favorite guest this season.” Later in the episode, Gwyneth revealed what it was like having her godfather, Steven Spielberg, film her wedding when she tied the knot to Brad Falchuk in 2018. “He always has a video camera in his hands. So, any family event, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, whatever the case may be, he’s also videoing. So, yes, he definitely has video-tapped me over the years. He was actually the only person who was videoing at my wedding two and a half years ago,” she revealed, “I guess I had a pretty good videographer.”

While Gwyneth is the queen of conscious uncoupling, Kelly recently opened up about how she’s coping amid her divorce from ex Brandon Blackstock. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Kelly revealed she had written 60 songs after their split. “I have this record that we’re working on. It’s really great and really honest,” Kelly said. “There’s just a lot of questions that I have to answer before releasing it for myself, you know? Whether that be business-wise or personally or whatever.”

Kelly continued, “Whatever happens though, it is such a gift. Like, I don’t know how anybody, I’ll just be real with you, goes through grief like divorce, any kind of grief, any kind of loss, without having an outlet like this.” She added, “I have written like 60 songs, it is an insane amount of getting it out. I think that’s a blessing in itself. Anytime you go through some life, it’s such an awesome thing to have that outlet, regardless of whether people hear it or not.”

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