Love Island’s most heartbreaking head turns as Callum betrays loyal Shaughna

All is fair in love and war, but that doesn't mean it's not painful to watch.

Love Island fans are bracing themselves for poor Shaughna Phillips to have her heart ripped out when Callum Jones undoubtedly returns from Casa Amor with newbie Molly Smith.

Last night's show saw Callum betray his Day One by hopping into bed with Molly before admitting he isn't actually sexually attracted to Shaughna.

And a teaser for tonight sees him tell Molly she's that 'someone special' who has well and truly turned his head before lunging in for a full-on snog.

Of course, the Mancunian scaffolder isn't the first to have gone rogue and left the other half of their coupling devastated…

Adam Collard and Rosie Williams – 2018

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Rosie was absolutely distraught when snakey Adam slithered away to bombshell Zara McDermott in 2018.

But Adam was accused of gaslighting Rosie when she quizzed him on his feelings for Zara and he turned it around, blaming her for 'pushing him away' with her 'jealousy'.

And as Rosie sobbed, Adam was even seen smirking in an episode that saw Women's Aid accuse him of emotional abuse.

Michael Griffiths and Amber Gill – 2019

Love rat Michael's treatment of Amber was so brutal that she went on to win the series, despite not being in a particularly serious couple.

She and Michael appeared to be one of the strongest pairings before the girls trundled off to Casa Amor and Michael wasted no time pairing up with newbie Joanna Chimonides.

Like Adam, he blamed Amber for everything and showed no mercy as she sobbed on the day beds over his cold demeanour.

He once again pied Amber when she admitted she still had feelings for him. But instead of leaving when Joanna was dumped from the island, Michael stayed and tried to crack on with Amber all over again!

Josh Denzel and Georgia Steel – 2018

Georgia was head over heels for Josh and slept outside when the boys went to Casa Amor.

But she was floored when Josh arrived back with bombshell Kaz Crossley on his arm and reacted with anger, blasting: “How f***ing dare you man.”

Fighting back tears, she continued: “I was loyal to you, my God. I stood by you, Josh."

Not one to take a betrayal lying down, Georgia spent the rest of her time in the villa calling Kaz 'Kez' – much to her love rival's annoyance.

"It was savage that Josh coupled up with me over Georgia, so I expected her to be horrible," Kaz told Closer.

"[But] if I was in her position, I don’t think I would’ve called her by the wrong name on purpose. At first it was funny, but then she did it a couple more times and it was on purpose."

Josh Ritchie and Naomi Ball – 2015

Josh took no prisoners when he brutally dumped Naomi Ball because she refused to go all the way with him, and cast her aside for Jess Hayes.

Claiming he thought they were on a one way trip to the friend zone, he told Naomi, "In our relationship I just think we are staying at one level, where everyone else is stepping up a level. If we just stay at this one level we’re both just going to drift apart."

Turning his attentions to Jess Hayes, he then brazenly admitted, "Do I now carry on with Jess, get my end away, have a good three-weeks sh*gging, or do I start something with Naomi, where something can be long term and something maybe outside of the villa but not have sex, not have as much of a laugh?

"It’s a genuine penis/head dilemma."

Curtis Pritchard and Amy Hart – 2019

It was the split that no-one saw coming, especially Amy returned from Casa Amor ready to tell 'half-boyfriend' Curtis she loved him.

Instead, she walked in to find Curtis single but with a telling look of horror on her friends' faces, alerting her that something was about to go down.

That something was a savage dumping, with Curtis brutally admitting that he didn't really fancy her or see a future with her.

Twisting the knife, he revealed he'd wanted to recouple with Jourdan Riane but couldn't because she pied him for Danny Williams.

Heartbroken, poor Amy decided to forgive him and try again but Curtis wasn't interested, admitting his head would be turned again sooner or later.

As it happened, it was sooner, with frisky Maura Higgins making a move, prompting Amy to quit the villa.

Jonny Mitchell and Camilla Thurlow – 2017

Sensitive Camilla was reduced to tears when Jonny admitted he wanted to be with Tyla Carr more than her.

The dastardly heartbreaker had planned to do a gradual fade out but was forced to be honest when Dom Lever blabbed his plans to the villa.

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The rejection almost ruined Camilla's villa journey and she called off a subsequent flirtation with Craig Lawson because it 'wasn't fair' to lead him on while she still liked Jonny – who by that point was openly snogging Tyla.

Thankfully hunky model Jamie Jewitt arrived last minute to woo Camilla and they're still together to this day.

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