Playboy star banned from adult movies by Hef watched gross vids at his parties

Former Playboy star Zoe Paul might have made a name for herself in the porn industry after Hugh Hefner's death – but she was banned from appearing on-set of any XXX-rated flicks while living under his roof.

But, in an exclusive chat with Daily Star, Zoe, 47, confessed that Hef would gather his girls after his wild sex parties to watch porn in his bed – an experience she always found "gross".

Daily Star's former Page 3 girl Zoe fled England for a life across the pond in the Playboy Mansion before delving into the porn industry herself when life threw her a curveball.

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She explained: "It all started from doing Page 3. I’d already had my t**s out, so I wasn’t shy. Then I was taking glamour modelling jobs in America as well as shooting for Playboy."

OnlyFans star Zoe – who now films for the racy subscription site under the name RBanx – was also filming B-movies in the States – "soft-core, simulated sex movies".

"I was really good at it," she gushed. "I was working all the time. I really enjoyed it, I was a great actress. Jenna Jameson was the top porn star back in the day and we looked so much alike I was thinking, 'If she's making so much money, I look just like her so it would be really cool to go up against her or even work with her'.

"When I presented it to Hef, he said, 'No, I can’t have you doing that'. I was so gutted. But in the back of my mind, I was thinking, 'Maybe I'll do it later on'."

But, Zoe said, she found porn "gross" to watch at the time.

She went on: "The thing is, I didn’t like porn. I never watched porn, I couldn’t stand it. I thought it was corny and gross.

"When I lived in the mansion and we used to go out Wednesdays and Fridays, we used to go home and go in the bedroom with Hef and we used to have to watch porn on these two big screens in his room.

"Because I had to watch it when we were all together having sex, I used to look at the screen and go, 'Oh my god’, but in the back of my mind I’d watch it thinking, 'So this is what I really want to do'.

"I’d get glimpses of it and take notes because this is the only time I get to watch porn. Then I'd start enjoying it, but would never actually watch it on my own because it would always gross me out."

She added: "I think it was because there was never anyone good looking in porn, that’s why I didn’t get turned on, because I’m very visual."

Everything changed when Hefner passed away in 2017 – and Zoe lost $50,000 (£45k) when her house was robbed.

"I was so brokenhearted, I was depressed [when Hef died]. It was the worst, horrible. I felt like I lost everything, because he was such a major part of my life, he did so much for me."

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But, facing losing everything, Zoe made the only choice she could.

"I called my friend [British porn star] Keiran Lee, and said, 'I need help'. He said, 'Fly out and let's shoot some scenes'," she said.

"I was s****ing myself. I thought, 'Hef’s going turn in his grave'. I'd pray and say, 'You've got to understand the reason I'm doing it. I just need help – you're gone and you can't help me'.

"I was booked to do a girl-girl scene first to get me warmed up, then I did my first porn scene with Keiran Lee. He made it really comfortable for me. But that's when I found out I really can't take a d*** bigger than seven inches – I was in agony for the next three days!

"He completely split me in half, which was so funny. I was in agony, but at the same time I was halfway comfortable with it because I was already on camera doing simulated sex.

"The rest of it I just had to shut out. The only thing that was hurting me was his c***, and everything else was really easy."


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