Queen – Watch Brian May unboxing The Miracle Collector’s Edition

Brian May on the Queen starting the 'we will rock you' song

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Queen are releasing a special Collector’s Edition of their 1989 album The Miracle this month, after their previously unheard single from the recording sessions arrived in October. Face It Alone, featuring Freddie Mercury’s vocals, hit No 1 in the Rock chart and is the first of six tracks that the band are only just releasing for the first time. Ahead of the boxset’s debut, Brian May has shared an unboxing video to give fans a look inside.

Brian shared: “This is the result of months and months of work and I feel very proud of this, as there’s so much in this box which can be enjoyed.. The book has lots of lovely stuff, all beautifully preserved. I think what collectors often love most is very often the vinyl, but there are loads of goodies in here – The Miracle flyers and original portraits; a fold-out to go on the wall and so much more.”

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Brian continued: “Then there’s the extra discs – The Miracle Sessions is a look through the keyhole at what we were doing at the time. There are six tracks here which have never been released before and lots of banter and outtakes…There’s another CD which is called the Alternative Miracle, which is where our chaps have very cunningly gathered all the outtakes and made versions of the tracks which could have been made at the time, they could have been mixed that way. But they’re all different vocal performances, different bits of guitar, different bits of everything, different backing tracks.”


Handling the new LP version of The Miracle, Brian pointed out how it’s a version that was blocked at release.

The 75-year-old said: “This is the vinyl as it would have been if we hadn’t been stopped from putting Too Much Live Will Kill You on it. So this the complete Miracle album as it would have been.”

The Queen guitarist wrote the track and recorded it during the sessions in 1988. However, it was cut from The Miracle due to legal disputes after the band’s decision that the album would be written by the group as a whole and not as individuals. 

The song became a solo track for Brian, but a Queen version with Freddie on vocals was included in 1995’s Made In Heaven album.

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Other unheard tracks included are the likes of Dog With A Bone, I Guess We’re Falling Out and You Know You Belong To Me.

Alongside the demos and outtakes there are also behind-the-scenes recordings of Freddie, Brian, Roger and John Deacon bantering, debating and joking around the studio.

Queen The Miracle Collector’s Edition will be released on November 18 as an 8-Disc Book Set: Vinyl LP/5CD/DVD/Blu-ray and can be pre-ordered here.

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