Soundtrack Every Moment — Even the Small Ones

Your under-caffeinated morning run. Your grueling Monday morning PowerPoint deck. Your hangry weekend meal-prep. All of life’s most frustrating moments can be improved with the right soundtrack. And with SiriusXM’s game-changing newservice, that soundtrack is now at your fingertips, 24/7 — on your phone, at home and online.

For over a decade, SiriusXM has remained the ultimate destination for in-car entertainment — a singular hub for music, comedy, talk, sports and news. Not to mention exclusive content: Their in-house performances and thought-provoking interviews keep listeners​ ​informed and ahead of the curve. But with their new service, that content is available wherever you are. On your smartphone. Your laptop or tablet. Your Smart TV. Your gaming system or streaming device. Through smart speakers or other home audio systems.

And accessibility is vital for music connoisseurs. After all, the industry moves at a frenetic pace: surprise albums, remixes, late-night performances. Unless you’re glued to social media or constantly scanning for headlines, it can be easy to fall behind. The new service is an efficient — and exciting — way to tap into the zeitgeist. With their broad festival coverage, you’ll have your ears open for the next major jam band collaboration. When the next great pop star goes deep on the inspirations behind their latest LP, you’ll be prepared for that in-depth chat. When your favorite alt-rock band drops an out-of-nowhere single, you’ll tune in for commentary from their stable of hosts — the sharpest music experts in the business.

Crucially, you’ll also have access to SiriusXM’s massive music line-up — over 300 channels covering every genre — for any situation. Sure, the Internet has democratized music — just about any song imaginable is only a click away. But SiriusXM offers listenersan experienceunlike any other. Their channels are hand-curated by on-air talent, adding a charismatic and informative flair you won’t find on traditional streaming services. Listening to their programs is like walking into a reputable record store and chatting with a knowledgeable — and accessible — clerk. It’s the best of both worlds: the convenience of modern technology, the intimacy of a real-life human exchange. After all, isn’t it more comforting to rely on aficionadoswhen getting your music fix?

And it isn’t just music. Want to listen to the best comedians in the business? Done. Want to hear all about sports news?? SiriusXM’s got that. Want to hear from the biggest and best talk interviewers in the business?? Yes, that’s on SiriusXM too. Oh, and how about the biggest and the best in news and politics? ? That’s all here. The list goes on and on.

Which brings us back to everyday life. For many streaming listeners, the format’s limitations sometimes back us into corners. Raise your hand if you’ve ever ruined a romantic evening through mobile playlists. Say, by fumbling through your phone and landing on a generic “artist station,” only to have the vibe awkwardly shift. (Smooth jazz transitioning into free-jazz? Mood killer.) With SiriusXM’s Xtra channels, you can also tailor every musical experience for any mood and vibe you crave. If you want mellow, folky ambiance to help rock a newborn to sleep, it’s at the ready — guided by a steady hand. If you crave funky EDM for your next house party, it’s yours.

Now’s the perfect time to take the plunge. Try SiriusXM outside the car for $1 for the first three months, then $8 per month moving forward. You’ll have access to their expansive channel line-up, Xtra channels and on-demand content. Want Howard Stern and Sports programming? That’s only $5 more per month. Be ready to soundtrack every moment, big or small. Because every single one matters. SiriusXM. No Car Required. Visit to see offer details and to subscribe.

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