Parents go wild for Morrison’s unicorn embroidered t-shirts

Parents go wild for Morrisons’ £5 unicorn embroidered t-shirts that are perfect for school – and beg the supermarket to release it in other colours

  • Parents are going wild over Morrisons unicorn embroidered white shirts
  • One posted on Facebook they were perfect ‘if your girl is as unicorn mad as mine’
  • Thousands liked the post online, tagging others who might be interested in shirt
  • Others were left wondering if the supermarket sold the top in different colours

Parents are going wild online over Morrisons’ new unicorn embroidered white shirts, which they say are ‘perfect’ for school.

One mother shared the items on Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group, posting: ‘If your girl is as unicorn mad as mine is, you can pick up school t-shirts with embroidered unicorns on pocket.’

Much to the amazement of other parents, she went on to reveal the adorable t-shirts cost just £5 for two at the supermarket.

Thousands went on to like her post, revealing they were desperate to get their hands on the adorable white blouse. 

Thousands of people were charmed by the pretty white blouse, which features an embroidered unicorn on the left hand side pocket

Thousands went on to tag friends and family in the post, as many desperately hunted through their local supermarket to get their hands on the top.

Many parents were taken by the adorable blouse, which features a delicately embroidered unicorn on the left breast pocket.

The tops, which are not available online, also feature a charming white scalloped collar.  

Parents in the Facebook group were stunned by the blouses, with one commenting: ‘Ooh they are a bit cool!’ 

Thousands of parents commented on the post and tagged friends, calling them tops ‘sweet’, ‘a bit cool’ and ‘so cute’ 

Several wished the blouses came in their own sizes, with one tagging a friend and posting: ‘I need age 27-28.’

Others added they ‘needed’ to get some, while one excited parent commented: ‘These are sweet.’ 

And others were left questioning if the supermarket brand did the trendy top in any other colour. 

Other parents were left wondering if the supermarket sold the adorable top in any other colour 

‘Do they do them in blue?’ one hopeful parent wrote.

Another added that they were disappointed they couldn’t get their hands on the adorable shirt, adding a sad emoji to the post: ‘My girls wear yellow to school.’

‘Aww man will have to check if they have other colours,’ another wrote before explaining their child wears red when they go to school. 

Femail have contacted Morrisons for comment on whether they plan to stock the t-shirt in further colours. 

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