A Confession: Viewers notice vital error as Christopher Halliwell makes harrowing reveal


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“How did she die?” Steve asked and Christopher replied: “Knife in the back of the head.” 

“Where’s the knife now?” and he explained: “Anywhere between here and Marlborough.” 

Silence fell across the back seats of the car until Christopher sadistically said: “Do you want another one?” 

Confused, Steve clarified: “Another one? When?” 

Admitting to Sian not being his first murder, Christopher revealed: “Would’ve been 2003, or four or five. Cant’t remember exactly.” 

“Was it similar circumstances?” and the murder continued: “Pretty much out in the open. 

“I know you’re not a psychiatrist but what is wrong with me? Normal people don’t go around killing people.” 

Steve then asked the question he didn’t want answered: “Was there anymore?” and Christopher ominously replied: “Isn’t that enough?” 

Viewers then saw Christopher arrive at the police station where he was immediately put into a room for questioning. 

It seemed to be going swimmingly for the officers dealing with the investigation until someone highlighted a vital stage they had missed out in the process of the confession and viewers noticed it too.


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After arranging for Christopher to have a legal representative present in the interview, the officer began the interrogation. 

“Would you agree these comments were said earlier today?” She asked and Christopher replied: “No comment.” 

Her colleague asked: “Would you agree the conversations you had amounted to a confession to killing two women?”

“No comment,” the accused reiterated. 

Storming out furious, the officers explained to Steve the situation: “His solicitor wanted it noted his client was denied access to a legal representative.” 

And these officers were not the only ones to realise the major mistake Steve had made. 

Two extremely senior officers came to congratulate Steve, but before they did they questioned him about the legality in which the confession was obtained. 

“His confessions were PACE compliant were they?” They asked before suggesting: “I’m sure it’ll all come out in the wash.” 

But even those watching at home noticed the error and took to Twitter to comment, as one said: “So he didn’t caution him? #AConfession.” 

“#AConfession surely he was cautioned before being handcuffed?” Another asked, while a third said: “This poor policeman. The law is an a** #AConfession.” 

Will this be the downfall of the case? 

A Confession returns next Monday at 9pm on ITV. 

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