After Last Night's Episode, Fans Are Convinced 'AHS' Season 10 Will Be About Bigfoot

Despite the internet’s best attempts at spoiling American Horror Story: 1984, nobody’s really sure how this season is going to shake out yet. Will the ghosts ever escape Camp Redwood? Will Brooke kill Margaret? Is Bobby okay?! There’s just so much to be resolved in the finale next week. There is, however, one thing fans are pretty sure they’ve already cracked…and that’s the theme for next season.

You see, there was a little moment in 1984‘s penultimate episode, “Rest in Pieces,” that has fans convinced season 10 of the show might be about Bigfoot. Basically, a lightbulb went off over the whole internet when the National Enquirer reporter, Stacey, said, “Back in the ’70s, all anyone cared about was Bigfoot, aliens, the Loch Ness Monster. All that Leonard Nimoy In Search Of shit.”

“Back in the 70s, all anyone cared about was Bigfoot, Aliens, the Loch Ness monster… all that Leonard Nimoy ‘In Search Of’ shit.” Was That Our First Clue for @AHSFX Season 10? #AHS

ahs: urban legends, a new story on a different urban legend every episode like black mirror and the urban legend franchise from the 90s. bigfoot, killers, the men in black.. bookmark this.

Again, Stacy directly mentions aliens, Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster, saying that this paranormal hysteria was all people cared about in the ’70s.

Could Season 10 feature one or more of these myths, or be set in the 1970s? #AHS

I’d totally love that idea. A season having something to do with all those creatures like Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, Chupacabra, aliens, etc has some great possibilities.

I fcking hope so. Its something AHS has never done! And just imagine the intro with being all mysterious and scifi-ish with bigfoot or alien sightings

In Search Of was a real show in the ’70s where host Leonard Nimoy investigated some of the world’s greatest mysteries, like Bigfoot, monsters, and aliens. In 2018, History gave it a reboot with AHS alum Zachary Quinto as the host. So maybe next season will follow that format, and get into some of the freaky shit that’s probably hiding all over the earth. (Is that dramatic? I mean, there’s no way there are NOT monsters hiding in all of our massive lakes, right?) Also, it would be incredible to see Zachary return to the show.

If you’re not totally sold on the whole In Search Of theme…don’t throw away season 10 just yet. Episode 8 also name-dropped a series called Small Wonder, which was a sitcom about robots. TBH, this would be a pretty sick connection to Apocalypse, where Kathy Bates played a crazy robot.

Stacy mentions the 1985 sitcom “Small Wonder”:

The show chronicles the family of a robotics engineer who secretly creates a robot modeled after a human girl, and then tries to pass it off as his adopted daughter, Vicki.

Could Season 10 be based on robotics?#AHS

BTW, on the red carpet for American Horror Story’s 100th episode, Ryan Murphy told TV Guide that there IS a huge clue about the next season’s theme in episode 8. So even if the theme is not related to monsters or robots…the answer awaits somewhere in that 38 minutes.

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