Gemma Collins and James Argent pictured back together for the first time on holiday in Dubai – The Sun

GEMMA Collins and James Argent have been pictured back together for the first time as they enjoy a holiday in Dubai.

The pair, who briefly split last month, were seen looking loved-up as they relaxed by the pool in the sunshine.

Onlookers spotted the pair being very touchy feely and holding hands – worlds away from their previous fall out.

Gemma, who recently said she was "very sad" about her brief break up, wore a pink swimsuit, while Arg lay next to her on the sun loungers at the £250-a-night Palazzo Versace Hotel.

A source said: "They're definitely back together, and there doesn't seem to be any tension between them.

"Gemma was here on her own with friends for five days, and then her friends left when Arg arrived yesterday.

"They've mostly stayed on the sun loungers by the pool, and have been getting really touchy, holding hands and stroking each other.

"They seem really relaxed together and getting on well, they're always smiling at each other and laughing, there's been no rows."

The 38-year-old had dumped 31-year-old Arg after he refused to go back to rehab to beat his drug addiction, but their romantic display confirms they are back on.

The Diva Forever star has been sharing glimpses of her luxury Middle Eastern getaway on her Instagram Stories, but has not revealed she's out there with Arg.

Last month, Gemma dumped Arg after he refused rehab — fearing drugs will end up killing him.

It came after The Sun on Sunday revealed she rang 999 after he failed to return calls for more than 12 hours, sparking fears he had overdosed.

Cops eventually had to break into his £1.3million five-bed house in South Woodford, North East London.

Speaking after the break up, she admitted she was piling on the pounds because of the stress.

She told us: "I ain’t stopped eating. I’ve had a lot of stress and I’ve not been to the gym in two weeks.

"I’ve been unwell all weekend with a chest infection."

The pair's first split of the year came in February when The Sun Online revealed that Gemma had kicked Arg out of her Essex home after he fat-shamed her, telling the diva that she has "more rolls than Greggs".

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