Amber Gill reveals her mum wants her to marry boyfriend Greg O'Shea after Love Island win

AMBER Gill has revealed that her mum wants her to marry boyfriend Greg O’Shea – despite only knowing him for 12 days.

The 21-year-old and Irish rugby player Greg were crowned the winners of Love Island this week and the couple are already talking about taking things to the next level.

Speaking after her surprise win, Amber admitted to the Mirror: “My mam definitely wants me to marry Greg.”

She added: “I feel like Greg is definitely marriage material.”

Greg – who split the £50k with Amber – isn’t ruling it out either, saying: “I’d be a big believer in only being with someone if you can see potential with them.

“We’ve only known each other a couple of weeks – but it’s all been great so far.”

The sportstar went on to confirm the pair had become exclusive and put their win down to Amber's journey in the villa.

He said: "My girl Amber smashed it the whole way.

"She's been in from the first day and she's had an incredible journey and I was just happy I could come in and help her out and put a smile back on her face.

"Now we are together and she's had a great last couple of weeks I hope we just go from here now."

The Limerick-based hunk added that he planned to invest his winnings because it was "probably the smartest thing to do".

Amber, however, said she was going to buy "at least one" designer outfit before putting the rest into savings.

The beauty therapist also admitted she didn’t think she would have won if she had taken back Michael Griffiths.

She said: "No, I don't think I would have won if I'd been with Michael.

"I think that me and Greg have a good laugh and that he came in when I needed him.

"I feel like that's why it went to us. If she went back to the guy who didn't treat her well… I don't think I would have (won)."

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